Self Care Journey


Bumble Lane Spa Day!

Self Care really is the best care! How my journey started….

One of the biggest things I learned from the year 2020 was the importance of taking care of myself. Self care truly is the best care and it’s essential. Part of being able to grow as a person is first being able to take care of yourself so that you can grow and get better.

My self care journey started during my time in quarantine with Covid-19. Seven weeks quarantined I was considered one of those long haulers. During that time although it was really hard, being able to learn and practice self care helped me through that time and I am now stronger because of it.

I am committed to making self care a normal part of my routine because I realize the impact it has had on my mental, emotional and spiritual health. Check out some of the ways I practice self care in the pictures below. My encouragement is to make time to take care of you because you are important and you matter too.


I’ve really been looking forward to my self care time today! About to enjoy me a soak, some journal time and a movie. Thanks to @momme_life for making this self care day special. Self care truly is the best care. 🥰💜
Self care is the best care! ❤️😊 I’m smiling under this mask. 🤣 I really look forward to these self care days, they really help me to stay strong mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Taking the time to unplug and just enjoy time alone doing the things you love is so important. I challenge you to do something you enjoy no matter how simple to get refreshed.
About to get some self care time in! I started using these Epsom Bomb muscles soaks from Whole Food and they are amazing. My muscles have been sore 😅so I have been looking forward to this all day. 🙌🏾 I am thankful for this time to relax and recharge.
Getting ready for a full body massage at Bumble Lane Spa..
I’ve been wanting some crawfish for the past few weeks and finally got my hands on some. 😁They are 🔥🔥 well worth it. Gave myself a little treat for my self care time today while celebrating the progress I’ve been making with my weight goal. Stepped on the scale this morning at 146 almost 10 pounds down. Taking care of yourself really gives you a new excitement towards life. For the rest of my time today, I’m getting in a soak, reading more of my book and doing a little journaling.

Ideas for self care…

1.) Read a book

2.) Take a bubble bath, with candles and relaxing music ( Smooth Jazz instrumental is my Favorite)

3.) Take a walk

4.) Order your favorite meal

5.) Watch your favorite movie or show

6.) Sit out in nature

7.) Have a spa day, get a massage, etc.

8.) Journal

9.) Go for a drive

10.) Do something crafty or creative

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.”

-Deborah Day