Eliminating Daily Distractions

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“You can’t do big things if you’re distracted by small things.”

Have you ever been so distracted that staying on task seemed like a far fetched idea? In your mind you’re constantly reminding yourself of how you must finish the task while forcing yourself to follow through with actions.

In a society that’s filled with so many distractions it can be hard to stay on task if your not intentional. Being intentional helps us to focus and get things done without distractions.

Imagine really being able to complete a task distraction free, and being able to finish on time while completing your work with efficiency. Is this is really possible? Of course, it is.

Here are some steps we can take to eliminate distractions:

1. Creating a schedule or to do list

Creating a schedule or list helps us to prioritize and get things done. It helps us to stay accountable and on task. It also helps us to truly understand how much time we have to get things done so that we won’t waste time. Having a schedule makes it easy to create time to schedule breaks so we can check our social media and do anything else we really desire.

2. Massive Action

Take massive action. When we take massive action we don’t have time for distractions. Massive action keeps us focused on completing the task at hand and all our energy and focus is geared towards getting things done. Massive action produces great results.

3. Turn off the notifications

Its so easy to get distracted by the many notifications cluttering our screens and screaming for our attention. In order to eliminate these distractions we must turn off the notifications and schedule certain times of the day where we can check those things.

4. Remove the clutter

Its extremely hard to concentrate and focus in an environment that’s filled with clutter. We have to remove the things that will distract us. When our environment is cluttered so will our mind be. When our environment is clean and in order it helps us focus.

5. Check emails once or twice a day

Create time in the morning and evening to check your emails. This helps you to focus on completing the task that you already have so you avoid being overloaded with more work.

6. Establish a healthy morning routine

Your morning routine sets your entire day so be sure to start on a positive note. Do what makes you happy and gets you going. I like to start my mornings off with coffee and devotion time. Many people start with exercise, hot shower, tea, smoothies, etc. A healthy morning routine establishes the tone of  your day.

7. Let people know your working

Commumication is key. Let people know you are working by setting boundaries and creating office hours. This helps you to not get distracted by unexpected phone calls or visits. This helps to keep order in your work environment and keeps you on task.

8. Don’t open computer programs you are not using

Avoid opening unnecessary computer programs. This help you focus on what’s necessary so you avoid getting distracted by pop ups or other information that’s trying to steal your attention. Use only the programs you really need.

9. Avoid social media

Social media can be so addicting. That’s why it’s important to avoid this at all cost if you really want to be productive. Social media is like a food craving once you have a little taste you desire it more. Schedule a time for social media and to check all your updates to help you stay on task.

10. Turn off the T.V

TV is also something that can be very addicting. We can sit in front of the TV for hours and not even realize it. Create times in your day for watching tv and getting updates on all the important things that are going on.


Eliminating distractions is not an easy task but if we focus and are intentional we can have more meaningful and productive days. I want to challenge you to eliminate the distractions from your life take massive action towards completing your assigned task and witness how the efficiency in your is maximized.

“Starve your distractions, feed your focus.”

Thanks for reading!

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