The Power of intentionality in GROWTH

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” Being intentional gives you a reason to hope. Don’t just go through life, grow through life.

This is one of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned in this season of my life and in my personal growth journey. Every level of our lives require adjustments and shifts to take place in order for us thrive in each season.

Think about your high school graduation. This  is one of the biggest shifts we experience in our transition from childhood to adulthood. Everything shifts: your mindset shifts, your focus shifts, your level of confidence shifts, your responsibilities shifts, and your whole life shifts. You quickly begin to realize that in order to thrive in the next season, you need to grow. This new level of your life requires a different you.

Graduating high school is one of the most obvious shifts that take place in life but when seasonal shifts happen, we often miss them . Why? Is it because those shifts don’t matter? Are we to busy?  No, sometimes we are just so focused on the more urgent needs of life or other responsibilities. Many people get to a place in life and they feel stuck. If you’ve ever sat back and evaluated your life and had the thought, “How in the world did I get to this place?” You’ve most likely missed the shift that you needed to stay on the right course.

Sometimes, life happens and we begin to lose our way and our sense of direction. That’s ok, because no one is perfect and that’s  just apart of life and growth. Growth is sometimes very painful. Our greatest growth comes through the biggest challenges we face in life.  Many of the challenges we face are often used to keep us in a state of evaluation and they keep us from being comfortable. That’s why it’s so important that we are intentional about how we shift and grow through each season of life. Because if we are not intentional, our bad experiences will begin to mark our lives.

Being intentional gives you a reason to hope. Why? I’m so glad you asked, the ball is no longer in life’s court, you have the power to control how you will respond to situations and circumstances. You are no longer just going through life and allowing the world to shape you.

 “Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to get better.”

One of the biggest areas people fail to grow is the mind. If we continue to think about the same things we will continue to develop the same results. We have to learn to cultivate our thinking, allow God’s Word to renew our mind. We must educate ourselves in areas where we are weak. We can do this by reading books, listening to podcast, watching videos, taking classes and more. Whatever it takes we must strive to get better.

“We are only going to go as far as our capacity to grow.” I personally love growing and I’ve been learning so much, that I’m compelled to help others do the same. I’m enrolled in an advanced personal growth class, where I’m constantly being challenged to evaluate myself and be intentional in my personal growth.

When we are growing and constantly evaluating ourselves, we are making huge investments that will have a great payoff in the future. Everyday I challenge myself to get better and I want to challenge you to do the same.

Don’t just go through life, grow through life. Every season of life that we go through has a purpose. We serve a God who is so intentional in all His ways. What you are going through and what you have been through is not a mistake. God makes no mistakes.

Most of the situations that we face are a product of our decisions. God is such a merciful God. Even when we make the wrong decisions, He still loves us enough to draw us back to Him and create a testimony out of our lives.

He has a way of turning around our situation for His good. The challenges that we face in life were never intended to destroy us they are intended to keep us for being comfortable with where we are and to keep us in a place of total reliance on God. They were intended to keep us growing through life.

When we just go through life we are in danger of becoming a product of our circumstances. Yes, you may have lost your job but you don’t have to live in poverty. You have the power to get back up and search for another job. There is a world of opportunity out there. Yes, you may not be where you want to be in life but if you are intentional today about developing a plan and following through you can get to where you wan to be.

Don’t allow the hopelessness of your situation to keep you from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope for you. Fight through the depression, anxiety, stress, guilt, confusion and failure. Love yourself enough to get the help you need to grow. You have a unique purpose that only you can accomplish, generations will be impacted by the decisions you make today.

Be intentional, strive to get better everyday. One step at a time one day at a time. Strive for progress not perfection.


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2 thoughts on “The Power of intentionality in GROWTH

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Growth has been on my mind a lot lately, too! So glad you launched your own blog – I love the title!

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    1. Thank you for reading! I understand how you feel, growth has been a huge topic on my mind too. So often its something that we overlook in our personal lives, due to the many responsibilities we have. I’ve been learning how to schedule time to do something everyday, and the payoff has been huge. I’ve noticed the change. Thanks again for reading.


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