Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud!

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If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working on it. ”

-Michael Jordan

Have you ever felt proud of something you’ve accomplished? Maybe it was graduating from college, buying your dream home, starting a new career, finally finishing a long project, etc.  Do you remember the process and what it took to get you across the finish line? Don’t ever forget the joy you felt and what it took to get you to that point. Use it as motivation to get you to your next goal,  because if you did it before you can do it again. 

Taking time to stop and remember can give you the motivation you need to keep pushing forward. The journey towards reaching goals and sometimes be difficult. It’s so important to remember your past accomplishments and always remember the purpose behind what you do. Don’t ever give up on something you can’t stop thinking about. You have to remember it’s a process and what you do everyday will add up over time. If you make a plan and work on it everyday, one day you’ll look up and be at the exact place you’ve always wanted to be. 

I think about my health journey which took me some years to get right. I made a plan and I have been working on it every single day. From making time to consistently exercise, dieting, drinking enough water, and doing everything I need to keep myself on track. Has the process been perfect? Not at all but I have not stopped showing up and working towards the goal. I am determined to not stop until I am proud and I have reached my goals. My health goal this year involves building upper body strength. My motivation behind this goal is my oldest daughter and helping her on her health journey with INAD. She no longer walks on her own so I have to do a lot of lifting throughout the day with picking her up and also lifting her equipment. My goal is to be able to do 5 pulls ups unassisted by the end of this year and be able to deadlift 225 Ibs. I recently lifted my heaviest last month which was 185 Ibs. When I think about my daughter I feel motivated to show up. The journey hasn’t been perfect but it has challenged me so much. On last year I was able to reach my goal of losing twenty six pounds but the process was long and hard but after reaching the goal I felt so proud. All the work that I put in paid up. I looking forward to continuing this journey and reaching my goal.

I have been learning so much through this health journey about life in general. I have learned that consistently showing up and working at the things I want to achieve everyday really does make a difference in me reaching my goal. If I want to see results I have to put in the work. I also have a better understanding that reaching any goal is really a process and there are good and bad days in the process. It’s okay to have bad days in the process because it’s proof that I am trying and that I am human. The important thing is that I keep showing up after the bad day has passed. Bad days and hard times don’t last forever, having the courage to show up after makes a difference.  

These are some things that have encouraged me to keep showing up:

1.) Remembering the things I have accomplished

When I look back and remember the things I have accomplished that brought me so much joy it motivates me to keep going because I want to experience that joy again. 

2.) Remembering the purpose behind what I am doing

I keep the purpose behind what I am doing in front of me and think about it often. When I am feeling down I go back and reflect on that purpose. 

3.) Reflecting on how it’s changing me for the better

Understanding how the process is changing me for the better has kept me going. When I look back and see how much I have change it encourages me to keep showing up

My encouragement to you is to never give up on the things you want. Don’t allow the time it will take and the process to discourage you. The time will pass and the process is what grows you to become the person who can accomplish the goal. Always remember the things that made you proud and look forward with hope and expectation that you will experience that same joy again as you keep moving forward and working the process. Don’t stop until you do the very thing that will make you proud. Imagine your face lighting up when you finally do the very thing that you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t give up, keep working. You got this! Thanks so much for reading I hope this encouraged you to keep going. 

What’s something that has made you proud? Comment below would love to hear your story. 


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