Consistency: For better or For Worse

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” – Tony Robbins

Consistency is one of the most critical attributes for success in growth. Our everyday lives are marked with consistent habits that shape us, for better or for worse.

If we are not intentionally getting better, we are consistently getting worse.

Like a garden, if we consistently water a garden and it gets the proper sun light it will grow; if we consistently leave it unattended and it doesn’t get the water it needs whatever we are planting in the garden would die. Our lives are like a garden and our habits and actions are the water and sunlight that helps it grow.

In order to grow, our consistency needs to be supplemented with the right resources and habits. We must have an understanding of what we need to improve, why we need to improve and how we are going to improve for the better. These are some questions to think about when it comes to supplementing consistency. 

What: What do I need to improve? Attitudes, Choices, Abilities, etc.

How: Do I know how to improve? Methods, Plans, Reaching out to get help.

Why: Why do I need to improve? Purpose.


When consistency is supplemented with the right habits and resources it will set you apart.

The first question I asked my husband, whenever we first started dating was, “Why me?” His answer forever shaped me and helped me realize the power of consistency.  He stated, “Because you were the most consistent.” You were consistent in the way that you look, your emotions, your leadership, your attitude, and your passion for God. That’s what set you apart.”

Consistency will set you apart and qualify you for things you never even imagined.

I remember working as a life coach for a nonprofit. During this time there was a young lady that I was assigned to that I really connected with. I would always call to check on her, make stops to visit her, support, encourage and challenge her. I also invited her to every free event I went to.  One day I received a call that she was contemplating suicide and she asked them to call me. When I arrived everyone was there, but I was the only one she wanted to talk to. What was so special about me? Was I better than everyone else? No. Did I have more experience than everyone else? No. Was my relationship with her stronger than everyone else? No. Consistency set me apart.

After a few weeks had passed by, I asked her why she wanted to talk to only me in that moment. She said something that forever marked my life, because you were always there for me.” I was consistent. There were times where I didn’t feel like working and visiting, but I did it anyway.

Consistency can have a negative impact when its not supplemented by the right habits and actions. Think about a bad habit you may have. If you are not intentional in changing that habit or behavior it will have control over you and make a negative impact. 

One of the areas of my life that I desire to be consistent in is eating healthier and working out.  For me, this has been a challenge, especially being from the south and being from a family with some of the greatest cooks. I could make so many excuses if I wanted to about why I can’t work out or eat healthy, but excuses are not going to bring me any closer to reaching my goals.

We must take the time and find out what works for us, and how we can develop consistency in our everyday life. We must develop a method that works because there are no one size fits all plans.

One thing I did to help me with working out was, I challenged myself to complete my recommend walking steps every day. So, I use my watch and my phone to help me calculate how many steps I take each day. This helped me tremendously with being consistent and very active. In the area of health, I challenged myself to drink more water and eat less sweets. Even though my method may look different from someone else’s, this is what works for me. If I can be consistent in following through with these habits, I will be able to achieve even greater things.

Consistency is all about developing a discipline and following through every day. Some may say it looks like doing the same things every day. If we take time today to be intentional and developing better habits, it will position us for a better future tomorrow. 

“The secret of your success is found in your daily agenda.”-John C. Maxwell


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