Encountering Failure

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“If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.”-Zig Ziglar

Have you ever been so afraid of failing , that you convinced yourself of every reason why you shouldn’t step out? You imagined every scenario of the worse possible things happening.

What if, instead of allowing our mind to imagine the worse of what could happen; we instead, think about the positive things that can happen and the adventures that awaits.

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker.”-John C. Maxwell

Failure in an of itself, is a powerful experience; but when we perceive it, through a negative perspective, or through fear it hinders us from taking risk. When we begin to see failure from a positive perspective it gives us to opportunity to embrace change, grow and gain experience.

Failing  helps to shine a spot light on areas where we need to change; and the  disappointment we may experience from failing, urges us to make the necessary adjustments. The need for making changes causes our mindset to shift and trains our minds to think outside of our normal limits. This happens due to the urgency we feel to not make the same mistakes again.

Change is not always easy but we can’t get to where we desire to be by staying the same and thinking the same .

If we want to see our dreams and goals accomplished we must learn to embrace change and see it as a opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and get a new start. Failure helps us to see our need for change and gives us the option to grow.

Growing from failure can be very uncomfortable. Many times we already have that emotional pull in the back of our minds reminding us of our mishaps the first time around. Those mishaps creates insecurities in us and that creates fear of failing again. In order to grow from failure we must train our minds to think differently. We have to push ourselves to not think from a place of insecurity.

These are some examples of insecurities we may think:

“I am not smart enough”

“I don’t have the ability”

“I don’t belong here”

“I’m not good enough”


A growth mindset thinks of ways to get better and develops strategy to make the necessary adjustments. When we desire to grow from failure, we ask the questions:

“How can I get better?”

“What must I do differently?”

“What steps can I take?”

“Who can help me be accountable in following through?”

When we learn to grow from failure, we position ourselves to succeed.

Growing from failure cultivates in us a maturity and understanding of what it takes to be successful in life; and gives us the experience required. No one has ever done anything great without failing. Many times when we try things and fail,  our constant attempts to perfect our method of application gives us the experience we need to try again and be successful.

Take time to evaluate your experience today. Allow it to give you hope. Don’t allow your fear of failure to keep you from accomplishing your dreams. Failure doesn’t mean it’s the end, it’s a new path to a different beginning.

What are you going to do to step out of your comfort zone today?

Use failure as momentum to push you forward.


“I failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed- Michael Jordan

Thanks for reading!

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