The Intentional Shift

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“An unintentional life accepts everything and does nothing. An intentional life embraces only the things that will add to the mission of significance.” John C. Maxwell

With the start of the new year, we all come to the realization that there is so much more to life than what we have experienced in this past year.  A new year often produces in us a desire to start fresh and make our lives better. We begin to evaluate our lives and come to grips with the reality that we need change. We dream about where we could be within the next year or months if we really put in the work; but how can we make our desire for change and creating a better life last through the whole year? What can we do differently to make sure we follow through on accomplishing our mission for this new year?

“It is only those that live intentionally that can accomplish and come to the significance meant for them.” ― Sunday Adelaja,
How do we get create change that last?
1.) We have to start with intention.

What is the intention or purpose behind the goals you are setting? How will they add value to your life? Do they line up with the vision you have for your life? We shouldn’t just set goals just because they may sound good, there has to be a purpose behind what we are doing.

When your intentions are pure, so too will be your success.” – Charles F. Glassman MD


2.) We must be accountable

Accountability is so important when it comes to reaching our goals. We need people who can encourage, support and push us through the hard times when we feel like giving up. An accountability partner has to be a person who is on the same page as you and who wants you to reach your goal just as much as you do.

3.) Be willing to put in the work

In order to accomplish our goals we have to be wiling to put in the work. Nothing will change unless we take action and follow through on doing what we said we would do. Working towards our goals won’t always be easy thats why its so important to understand the purpose behind what we do and stay accountable.

4.) Stay positive

Sometimes we mess up and fall short in the process of reaching our goals. It’s so easy to get discouraged and revert back to our old habits, but its important to stay positive in those moments. When we mess up it’s important that we keep going and not allow our mishap to keep us from reaching our goal.

I want to encourage you to start this new year off right, be intentional, stay accountable, put in the work and stay positive. Be determined to grow and get better everyday so that you can not just survive but thrive throughout the year.

Thanks so much for reading!

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