How Bad Do You Want It? (Determination)

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“The life you want to live comes down to one simple question: How bad do you want it?”

Imagine being able to live life exactly the way you want, with all the things you’ve ever dreamed of. You may ask, “ Is that even possible?” Of course it’s possible, there are people who are seeing there dreams become reality everyday who wanted it bad enough to put in the work and make things happen.

Although putting in the work to see dreams become reality isn’t an easy process if you are determined you’ll do whatever it takes to see the results you desire. Imagine the satisfaction and fulfillment you would get out of living the life you always dreamed of. Why not take the time to put in the work and make things happen? How bad do you really want to see your dreams become reality? Are you willing to put in the work and make it happen?

When going after our dreams somethings we must understand about the process is:

1.) It will take time

Nothing great happens overnight. It take time to build things that will last and be of value. We live in a society that likes things to happen instantly but life doesn’t always work that way. When we have an understanding that things will take time this helps us to mentally prepare for what’s to come through the process.

2. ) It won’t be easy

Going after your dreams will never be easy. You will experience detours, set backs, failures  and at times want to give up. When you experience any of these things don’t allow them to define you, allow them to teach you and be determined to grow through each detour, set back and failure.

3.) All the work you put in will eventually payoff

One day all the hard work you’ve been putting in will payoff. If you want to build something great it will take a lot of hard work, you may not see the results in the beginning but overtime you will see results. It’s like graduating high school or college for many years you put in work and finally a time comes where you receive your degree which is a payoff for all the hard work you’ve put in overtime. It’s the same with life and making our dreams reality, the hard work will eventually payoff.

I just want to challenge you to go after your dreams and begin to build the life you want. It’s never to late to start and start over if you have to. Ask yourself that question today, “How bad do you want it?” If you want it bad enough go after it.

Thanks for reading! I hope this encourages you!

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