What Are you Building?

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“Create the life you can’t wait to wake up to.”

One of the greatest things about life is our ability to make our own choices and decisions. Sometimes we don’t realize the power that we have to change courses at any time. Change is not always easy but if we don’t like the direction that we are headed, all we have to do is make the decision to change directions and take action. This may sound a lot easier than what it really is, but it’s definitely possible. If you think about the steps it takes to build a house, business, etc it all happens one step at a time. So is it really possible to build the life that you want, one step at a time? It certainly is.

Everyday we are building different parts and areas of our lives with the actions and habits we put forth everyday. Some of those actions maybe intentional and some are out of habit. My question to you today is what are you building?  Are you building the life that you desire to see?

Everyday we have the opportunity to start fresh with building the life we want to see. Listed below are some steps that will help us get started:

1. Build one step at a time 

In order to build anything that will last, start with building one step at a time. First determine your ultimate goal,  secondly plan out the first step to execute and get you closer to reaching that goal. Lastly put in the work and be consistent with executing everyday.

2. Be intentional about what you are building

Everything must be don’t with a purpose. Ask yourself everyday if what you are doing is getting you closer to reaching that ultimate goal. Make sure you discover the right resources and connections to help you build what you desire to see.

3. Be willing to put in the work to get results

Whatever you put in is what you will get out. Be willing to work hard even through adversity. Building the life you desire to see will not be easy and it will sometimes test your ability to endure. Be ready to face road blocks and detours . Things maybe hard but they are not impossible.

Whatever you desire to see in your life is possible if your willing to put in the work. Don’t ever believe that your stuck and you can’t recover. All it takes is one decision to change and the willpower to put in the work. I just want to encourage you to go after your dreams and build the life you want to see. It’s never to late to start, and start again.


Thanks for reading! I hope this encourages you.

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