Determined To Finish

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“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”

Have you ever wanted to accomplish a goal in a certain period of time? Or maybe you had plans to start a business or project but became discouraged in the process. It’s takes a lot of hard work and courage to start and finish certain things that requires a lot of time but it’s not impossible to accomplish.

“It’s going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible.”

Sometimes you have to determine in your mind that you will finish no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. One thing I’ve discovered is that if you can get your mind to believe that you can accomplish something it will release in you the power to accomplish that task. If you’ve ever heard the quote, “Belief triggers the power to do.” It really does. Whatever you believe, you will do. It’s easy to start something but I want to share with you three tips on how to be determined to finish.

1. Be intentional

If you want to start and finish something strong you must do it on purpose. Be intentional with every step. Take time to plan things out and develop a flow of how things will go and set goals for everyday. Let there be a plan for every moment along the journey of accomplishing your goal. Nothing will happen on accident so take time to plan things through.

2. Keep your mind focused on the goal

Its easy to get distracted with everything going on around you but in order to finish you must stay focused on accomplishing your goal. Take time to write you goals down everyday. Writing things down makes a huge impact in our minds. Take time to visualize what you desire to see to help you stay focused.

3. Massive determined action

Take massive determined action towards completing your goals. It’s easy to sit and talk about accomplishing a goal but nothing will help you reach the goal like taking action. When taking action make sure you are doing things that will help you to reach your goals. Your massive action must be backed by intention.

I just want to encourage you to finish strong. Start again if you have to. It’s never to late to accomplish the goals that you’ve been dreaming about. As long as you’re alive you still have a chance.

Thanks for reading!

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