How Much Do You Believe In It? (Dreams)

“Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize.”

Imagine being able to see the things you’ve always dreamed about unfold right before your very eyes. Think about the joy, excitement and fulfillment that you would experience in that moment. Is what you’ve been dreaming all this time truly possible? How much do you really believe in seeing your dreams come true?

It’s easy to talk about what we desire to see in the future but how much do we actually believe in it happening? And if we truly believe in it happening, why do we visualize it happening in such a distant future? What are we doing today to make sure the dream unfolds?

What we believe is a powerful indicator in what we will see. “ Belief triggers the power to do.” So, if we believe that we are capable of accomplishing something our brains will trigger in us the power to make those things happen. We can take steps everyday to work towards our dreams if we are intentional. This will help the process of reaching the dream feel not so distant; although things may take time if we are putting in work everyday imagine how fast the time will go and how much closer we would be in seeing the dream fulfilled.

How do we keep ourselves encouraged as we are working towards our dreams:

1. Take Baby steps Everyday

There is something no matter how big or small it may be, that we can do everyday to work towards our dreams. It doesn’t matter how fast we go baby steps still move us forward in the process. Taking baby steps everyday helps us to gain momentum and keeps us encouraged as things progress.

2. Remember why you started

It’s always important to remember your purpose and why you desire to see your dream come true. Remembering your purpose will help you push when times are hard and you feel discouraged during the process.

3. Continually measure your progress

When you understand how far you’ve come, you realize the possibilities of how far you can do. Being able to measure the progress you’ve made will keep you on track to understand how much farther you have to go and give you greater insight on how to manage the progress you’ve already made.

I want to encourage you to believe in your dreams so much that it has no choice but to manifest. Don’t ever give up on your dreams because of the time that it make take, just take things one step at a time and one day you’ll look up and be right where you’ve always dreamed.

Thanks for reading!

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