Growing through the Valley

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“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”- Robert H. Schuller

Our greatest growth comes through seasons of adversity. Adversity captures our attention and forces us to acknowledge what we may have been blinded or indifferent to. When adversity comes, we can be overwhelmed by a flood of many different emotions that can distract us from understanding the true intent and purpose of the season.

Adversity propels growth, and if we leverage our experience, it can be one of the most transformational moments of our lives. Often times when we experience intense pressure or pain; what’s deep down on the inside of us tends to come out. The strengths we didn’t realize existed can be discovered in our valley seasons of life.

When we discover those strengths, they teach us to how to navigate through life and help us overcome the challenges we face.

What is the most difficult season of life you have experienced? How did you overcome? What did you learn from that season?

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”-Napoleon Hill

When we have an understanding that difficult seasons are really for our benefit and not for our destruction it can give us peace in our trial, help us to refocus, and give us clarity as we grow through difficulties.

Difficult experiences challenge our minds to think differently and forces us to come up with solutions to solve our problems. Solutions give us a peace of mind and helps us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When we are at peace we are more likely to make decisions that will greatly benefit our lives, which will in turn will capitalizes our growth.

When we find peace in our trial we are then able to refocus our attention on the things that really matter. The things that will  help us grow through grow life , and not just go through life.  We sometimes get overwhelmed because we are focusing on too many different angles of our problems which makes our situation seems hopeless. There are some things that no matter how hard we try, will never change. When we focus on what’s controllable there is a greater guarantee of reaching change. Which will help us grow.

“Always remember your focus becomes your reality.”-George Lucas

When we learn to focus our attention on the most important parts of the situation and the controllable our efforts are more likely to succeed. Focus is powerful, because whatever we focus on will consume our mind. If we are focused on finding a positive solution our minds will figure out ways to make that a reality.

Focusing helps us gain greater clarity of our situation and give us a better understanding of our purpose in going through what we experienced. Clarity encourages growth because when we understand the why behind what we experience, we understand what we need to create a better reality.

When your clarity meets your conviction, and you apply action to the equation, your world will begin to transform before your very eyes.”-Lisa Nichols

The next time you are in a valley season, use it as an opportunity to seek growth. The one thing that I’ve learned is that even in the valley we are surrounded by life but what we choose to fix our eyes and focus on will determine everything. I want to challenge you today, to find ways to grow in your difficult season.

“Remember tough times never last, but tough people do.”

Thanks for reading!

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