Feeling Stuck?

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“No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.”-Maya Mendoza

Have you ever gotten to a place in your life where you felt stuck? Where your whole world seems to be falling apart and the things that you use to do are no longer of interest to you? A place where you are longer moving forward towards the future and you’re wondering how in the world did I get to this place? If so, you understand what its like to feel stuck.

Feeling stuck in life is one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can experience. Day in and day out your mind is consumed with everything about why you are in this place and you begin to feel hopeless and depressed about life. Have you ever wondered why we sometimes drift to that place in life? Is it due to a decision we’ve made? Or could it be that we have failed to adapt to a change in seasons? It could be many different things but for me the moment I felt stuck was the moment I knew I needed to make changes.

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”

When you experience so many transitions in your life such as graduating college, getting married, having kids, starting a new career, etc, the amount of change that takes place is drastic. If we fail to be intentional and grow along with those seasons, we find ourselves feeling stuck. In my experience, I had been in school all my life and I finally reached the point where it was time to graduate. I had recently gotten married during my junior year of college and due to have a baby not long after graduation. After graduating and having a baby I found myself in a season where I felt stuck and I started to wonder what’s next.

As I look back on that seasons I realized that I had failed to grow and adapt to the different seasons I was experiencing. I failed to create my own environment for growth I failed to adjust my thinking and direction for the new season. While in school I was in an environment where I was forced to grow and i was held accountable for my growth. When I graduated I needed to create my own environment for growth. I realized that my growth should’nt stop after graduating. The rest of my life I will have to grow in order to reach my dreams. I realized that I needed to grow along with each season. Each season of life we encounter requires growth and change. So how do we grow through each season? What do we really need to do when we feel stuck?

When you feel stuck:


  1. Create a vision: Determine where you want to be in life. What do you really desire to see happen? What’s your purpose? Understand what you are really good at doing and use that to help you create a vision for your life.
  2. Develop a plan: Create goals and make a plan to help you reach your life’s vision. When you have a plan its help you be confident as you are moving forward in life and reaching those goals will help you reach a sense of fulfillment and joy as you are growing through life.
  3. Take Action: If we keep doing what we’ve always done we will keep getting the same results. Do whatever it takes to move forward. Take baby steps and do something everyday that will bring you closer to completing your goal
  4. Change: When you feel stuck, that means it time to make changes. First, change your thinking about where you are and remove the doubt from where you want to do. If you change your thinking you’ll change your life. Secondly, change your routines. What you do daily determines your future. Develop healthy habits that will move you forward towards you goals. Thirdly, get someone that will help you stay accountable for the changes you are making. You are only stuck if you think you are stuck. You have the power and ability to change your life.
  5. Don’t make excuses: Allow yourself to make no excuses. Excuses will keep you stuck in the same place. Encourage yourself when you are feeling discouraged. “Don’t make excuses make progress.”

Be determined to grow through every season. When you feel stuck, change! Life will only get better if you put in the work to make it better. If you are feeling stuck take time today and make some changes. The future will be bright if you put in the work to change today!

Thank for reading!

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