Doing Whatever It Takes

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“Let the rest do whatever while you do whatever it takes.” -Grant Cardone

If you really desire to win and succeed in life you must approach every situation with a “whatever it takes,” mindset and attitude.  Life works in cycles and is full of rhythms. You will have many ups and downs, highs and lows but if you have the mindset and attitude of “whatever it takes,” through it all,  things will surely get better and you will reach your goals.  It can be easy to think in terms of “whatever it takes,” when we are experiencing a high season and everything is going as planned; but what happens when all hell is breaking loose and the resistance is beyond what we imagined?

How do we remain in the mindset and attitude of “Whatever it takes”?

“Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.”-Unknown

First, we have to understand that our attitude and mindset towards life determines everything, including how we perceive the world around us. How we think impacts our actions and attitudes. When we experience difficulty and our mindset is “I can’t do this,” “This will never get better,” “I quit!” Than our actions and attitude will resemble that way of thinking. When we fix our mind to think positive in difficult seasons and we have the mindset of “I will get through this,” “I can do this,” “This will not last forever,” we are more apt to remain in a positive mindset and do whatever it takes to change our situation. “If we change our thinking we’ll change our lives.” The mindset and attitude of “whatever it takes,” gives us the drive and motivation to move forward.

“No storm can last forever.”

Secondly, we must understand that what we are currently facing won’t last forever. When we have an understanding that what we are facing is temporary it helps us to remain hopeful and stay in the mindset of “whatever it takes.” For example, when we experience the different seasons of the year such as winter, spring , summer and fall, we know that the seasons will one day come to an end. Throughout those season we do whatever it takes to adjust to the different types of weather. In the summer time we wear shorter clothes and do what it takes to stay cool. In the winter time we wear big coats and drink hot chocolate and do whatever it takes to stay warm. Just as we do what it takes to adjust and change things through the seasons of the year, it should be the same with the seasons of life.

“The future depends on what you do today.”-Gandhi

Lastly, we have to understand that the more action we take the more likely we are to see results. If I am determined to do whatever it takes to succeed, grow and get better than I have to be willing to put in the work. Every action I take has the ability to change my future. What we do and don’t do really matters. If my goal is to lose twenty pounds, I must put in the work by exercising, eating healthy, keeping myself accountable and remaining consistent. If i’m determined to do whatever it takes to reach my goal and I put in the work, I will eventually get the results I want.

When we are determined to do whatever it takes to reach a certain goal giving up is not an option. I want to encourage you be determined and approach life what a “whatever it takes,” mindset and attitude. Do whatever it takes to grow yourself and create the life you want to live. The future is as bright as you make it.

Thanks for reading!


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