Fighting Through Resistance

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“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.”-Zig Ziglar

Have you ever planned for a certain event or situation to go a certain way, and all of a sudden you were met with this crazy force called resistance? Anything worth having is worth fighting for; and when you’re faced with resistance you will have to fight a little harder in order to see your goal accomplished.

Resistance can be so discouraging when you really have your heart set on a certain thing but instead of backing down and quitting when the going gets tough we have to learn to find a different way of reaching our goal. There is not just one way to reach your goals there are many ways and resistance can force us to discover those different ways. Resistance challenges us, and when we are challenged it gives us a greater opportunity to encounter change.

What if we looked at encountering resistance as a positive instead of a negative? How would your actions change? How different would your situation be if you learned to fight through resistance with determination to reach your goal?

“Strength and growth comes through continuous effort and struggle.”-Napoleon Hill

When we encounter resistance two thing happen:

1. Growth Happens

When we encounter resistance with the right perspective we experience growth. Resistance forces us to think differently. It challenges us to see a situation from many different angles. We can sometimes be stuck in a certain way of thinking but when our way of thinking is challenged it causes us to think outside of the box and see things in a different light. Resistance expands our minds and helps us to discover things we might not known.

When our way of thinking changes our actions change. How we act or what we do is a direct result of our thinking. If I begin to think that I can be successful, I will begin to figure out ways and  develop habits that will help me to be successful. This is also true with the opposite way of thinking if I think that I’m a failure and I won’t be successful my actions will reflect that thinking.

2. Strength Develops

When we encounter resistance we develop strength. If you are a person that lifts weights or exercise you know that in order to develop strength or muscle the amount of weight or resistance you experience must be greater than the amount of strength you put forward. As you continue to lift weights and experience the resistance your muscles grow and you become stronger.

It’s the same way in life as we encounter resistance and we learn how to fight through each situation and discover ways to overcome we become stronger and with each situation we encounter we grow from it, if we have the right perspective towards resistance. This doesn’t mean that what we encounter will be easy, it just means that with each encounter we  develop strength to help us to overcome future situations.

So now that we know what resistance develops in us, how do we fight through it?

1. Pray and think things through

If you are a person of faith you understand the power of prayer and how it can change your situation. Many times when we are on the verge of doing something great or trying to create positive change we will face resistance. That’s the battle that comes with believing and stepping out to do something great.  If you’re not a person of faith taking time to really think things through will help you fight. We live in a society that’s  constantly going and sometimes just taking a break and really thinking can help you discover the real options you have.

2. Have the mindset of doing whatever it takes

If you haven’t read my last blog check it out, its  about doing whatever it takes. In order to fight through resistance we have to be determined to do whatever it takes to reach our goal. When you have this mindset in the mist of the chaos you are experiencing it will be the fuel you need to keep you motivated through what you are experiencing. When you have this mindset your actions will result in you doing whatever it takes to reach your goal.

3. Develop strategies or a plan of action

One of the most important ways of fighting through resistance is developing strategies or a plan of action to help you overcome. After you take time to think, pray and develop the mindset that you will do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal, you than need to develop a plan of action. You must ask yourself, “How do I overcome?” “What are the steps I can take that will get me closer to my goal?” “How can is apply these actions?” When you ask yourself these questions and develop a plan and follow through you will be able to win in the mist of all the resistance you are facing.

“Paralyze resistence with persistence.”-Woody Hayes

I want to challenge you to push through when you face resistance to whatever situation you may experience. Look at resistance as a chance and opportunity for greater growth. In life you will encounter resistance but don’t give up, rise up and fight through it.

Thanks for reading!


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