Never Stop Growing

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“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”

Life is our biggest teacher and our willingness to continue to grow throughout life can have a huge impact on what we experience and how we overcome. Although growing is not always easy and can sometimes be painful its better than staying the same. Think about what life would look like if we continued to think the same mentally and emotionally as we did in middle or high school. How different would our actions be than they are today? What would our conversations sound like? What would our decisions look like?

This simple reflection really helped me to understand why its important that we never stop growing. Life is continually changing and in order to thrive in life and not just survive, we have to continually change and grow along with the flow of life.

“Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to get better.”-John C. Maxwell
What can we do to grow?
  1. Find or create a growth environment

A growth environment is a place that encourages you to grow. Some examples are schools, online courses, trainings and engaging in anything that will help develop your skills. We can also create a growth environment in our homes where we have a special place we can go to read books or write or somewhere we can just sit, think and be inspired. Having a growth environment is important because it will challenge us to continually grow.

2. Read Books

Reading books that challenge our perspective and thinking is one of the biggest ways to grow. Growing up I didn’t like reading but as I grew older I began to understand the value of what reading can do and how it can challenge you to think bigger. There is so much knowledge  and  insight you can gain from what others have already experienced just by reading. The moment I started reading a book every month was the moment I began to excel in my personal growth and developed a greater curiosity about life.

3. Find a mentor

Finding a mentor is a very important part of growing. This is important not only to have someones to learn from but also to have a measure of accountability as you are growing. When you have someone who is further down the line to where you want to be, learning from them and hearing their story can help you avoid many of the mistakes they made and make the path clear for you. A mentor is important to help challenge our perspectives and help us think outside of the box.

4. Surround yourself with people that are growing

The people we spend the most time with is who we will become like. Its important that we surround ourselves with people that are continually growing so they can challenge us to continue to grow. When we are surrounded with like minded people or people who think higher it helps us to not get comfortable because we will always be challenged.

Why is it important that we never stop growing?

1.Life is always changing

Life is always changing and in order for us to adapt to the continual changes we have to grow through life and not just go through life. When we make a commitment to grow we are giving ourselves the opportunity to create a better life.

2. Growing helps to prepare us for life challenges

Life won’t always be easy and we will sometimes face challenges. As we grow through those challenges and learn to think differently and find ways to overcome it helps us to be prepared when we face future challenges.

3. Growing helps us to see our goals and dreams accomplished

The more we grow the closer we will be to seeing our dreams and goals accomplished. When we commit to developing our skills and getting better everyday we open ourselves up to a world of opportunity.


I want to encourage and challenge you to never stop growing. Keep getting better everyday, the more you grow the greater the opportunities you will get to experience.


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