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“Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.”-David Joseph Schwartz

Imagine really being able to see every dream and goal you have accomplished. Think of the joy and fulfillment you will experience. Think of how motivated, encouraged and challenged you would be to dream even bigger. What if its really possible to get everything we ever wanted out of life and more? What if we just need to learn to think bigger?

The mind is powerful and it plays a big part in our everyday life determining how we see and experience things. In order to really accomplish everything we desire we must challenge ourselves to think bigger. “All of our lives we’ve been educated in terms of restrictions and limitations.” Think of how much we can experience if we learn to see life with no limits on what we can really achieve. If we really pushed ourselves beyond what we think we are capable of.

The world is filled with opportunity and there is so much work to be done, yet many of those opportunities are left unfilled due to the limitations we have on ourselves or those that others have imposed on us.

How can we break free from these limitations? How can we be challenged to think bigger and go higher?
  1. Believe in yourself

One thing i’ve learned is that if you don’t believe in yourself it will be hard to convince others to believe in you. You should be your number one fan and biggest encourager.  When you really believe in yourself and are confident it will be hard to allow others and their insecurities to stop you for doing what you love and are passionate about. Believing in yourself and that you have what it takes can help you to get where you want to be.

“Believe Big! The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief.”- David J. Schwartz

2. Change your attitude

“Attitudes are mirrors of the mind.” “They reflect thinking” Our attitudes show in how we act. We have to learn to see life differently and on a more positive note. If we really want to reach success we have to have a positive attitude, “I am important,” I have what it takes,” “I am capable of overcoming this,” “This setback will help me grow.” When our attitude towards life, people and experiences change and get better it helps us to grow and go higher.

3. Take off the limits

Limits are what keeps us bound to the same places. If we want to go higher we have to take the limits off. There are so many records that have been set and so many accomplishments that have been made by other people, that when we hear of their success we don’t believe that we can go past that or we just try to make what they have already accomplished our goal. We have to challenge ourselves to be a record breaker, think bigger challenge yourself to go beyond what you think you can do.

“Life is too short to waste. Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless planning to take action.”-David J. Schwartz

4. Go after everything you dreamed of

The more we move forward and begin to do whats in our heart the greater the possibility of us reaching those goals. We can spend all of our lives writing down goals over and over again and hoping that they will somehow be accomplished, but if we never move forward and begin to make those things happen they will never become a reality. When we begin to go after what we want our confidence begins to build and that more we do the more we begin to believe that we are capable of doing.

5. Be determined to win

In order to really see everything we want we must be determined. On the journey of accomplishing your dream and goals you will have setbacks and there will be times you will be disappointed and discouraged. Through it all you have to determine in your mind that no matter what happens I will keep moving forward and you must develop that refusal to quit or give up.

I want to challenge you today to dream bigger and think bigger. It’s really possible to see those dreams and goals that are in your heart accomplish if you would challenge yourself to take the limits off. Go after everything you ever wanted and be determined to win.

Thanks for reading!

Recommended Read: The Magic of Thinking Big by. David J. Schwarzt

This book has challenged me to think bigger, most of what I have written today was inspired by reading this book.

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