Believe Change Is Possible!

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“Eliminate the mindset of can’t! Because you can do anything!


What are you believing to see changed? Do you really believe that what you want is possible? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to see change happen?

Change is not always comfortable, but it is really a beautiful thing. Life is filled with changes. Changes in seasons, years, days and even daily life in general. Change is not as hard as you may sometimes make it, you just have to have the courage, belief, and determination to follow through in the process of change.

I was thinking about what’s going on today in regards to race relations in our country and I truly do believe that the USA is are on the verge of great change. The process of change is not always pretty and sometimes it takes uncomfortable conversations and actions to help kickstart transformation and healing that will truly last. I believe that people are starting to see, hear, and listen to whats been going on for so long in our country. What’s going on today doesn’t feel like the movements that have taken place in the past this feels different. People are starting to be held accountable for their actions, which is long overdue. The USA has come a long way but there is still so much more to be done. If you want to continue to see change you have to be willing to fight for it and have the courage to continue on in the process no matter what. And just as you may be willing to fight for change in our country and world, you have to also be willing to fight for change in your personal life.

What do you really want to see happen in your life? Are you willing to go after it? Are you willing to truly believe and put in the work to make it happen? True change starts with us individually. There is a quote by Mahatma Gandhi and it says, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” When you take time to reflect and really deal with whats going on in the inside of your heart you will start to see the world differently.

This week I’ve had so much time to myself to sit and reflect on my life. As I begin to write and think about what I want for my life I began to see areas that I needed to change and parts of my heart where I need to experience Gods love and healing. This helped me to discover the action steps I needed to take in order to create true change in my life. I remember about three years ago, being at a place in my life where I felt a lack of purpose and I knew I needed to do something different, so I decided to pick up a book called, “Think Differently, Live Differently.” This book is what helped to kickstart change in my life. Change happens one step at a time, so I made a commitment to stay consistent and make changes everyday.

I’m so glad I made that decision to really change and be intentional about my life and building the future I want to see. My life has changed so much over the course of three years, I’ve learned so much and I’m finally at the place where I am no longer just dreaming but I am going after my dreams. This is only the beginning of whats to come. In order to see true change happen you must first:

1.Believe That Change Can Happen

You have to truly believe. What you believe in your mind is what you will see in reality. If you believe that great things can happen, they will.

2. Have The Courage To Change

You have to have the courage to change. Change is uncomfortable and it takes courage to face reality and really dive deep inside your heart and follow through on changing what you see.

3. Stay Consistent With Change

You have to stay consistent. Everyday take time to reflect, what are the things you are doing right? What are the things that you need a little more work to improve? Change happens one step at a time so pick one area and work on it everyday.

I just want to encourage you to believe that change is possible. You can truly build the life you want if you are willing to work and go after it. Thanks so much for reading! I hope this encouraged you.

What are some things you want to see change? Comment below, would love to hear from you.


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