Understanding Criticisim

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“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to the unhealthy state of things.”- Winston Churchill


Have you ever received criticism that created a positive change in you? In what ways did it cause you to seek change?

Criticism can sting, but it can be used to thrush us into greater growth if we have a proper understanding of its purpose. That being said not all criticism is created equal depending on its source.

The impact that criticism can cause on one’s emotional state tends to cause people to avoid it. No one likes to be criticized. Often, when people receive criticism, they receive it  as an attack on their identity instead of a call to change habits or actions.

“The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.-Norman Vincent Peale

Constructive Criticism is a healthy part of growth, helping us to see things from and outside perspective and identifies solutions that causes improvements. Sometimes our  perspective is limited by the things we’ve experienced. Having an outside perspective can help us see things differently.

I remember my first time teaching a group of middle school students a bible lesson. I was extremely nervous, but I understood the mission I needed to accomplish. The lesson went well, and I communicated the objectives clearly but the feedback I received from the person observing me helped me to get 10 times better. I had to learn how to be relatable and engaging while asking questions to check for understanding. I had to learn how to manage the group and weed out distractions.

No one is ever good at anything the first time and constructive criticism helps us to get better and teaches us to think outside of the box.

Don’t let compliments get to your head and don’t let their criticism get to your heart.-Lysa Terkeurst

Criticism from a toxic person can have a negative impact on our lives. This type of criticism often leaves us wounded and hurting. People criticize what they don’t understand. Destructive criticism often comes from people who are hurting. Hurting people project their own insecurities on others to fill the void in their hearts. It’s important to determine the source of criticism and decipher accordingly.

Destructive criticism:

1. Comes from a toxic source

2. Doesn’t give practical tips on how to get better

3. Leaves us feeling inadequate or angry


Construction Criticism:

1. Comes from a reliable or trusted source

2. Helps us determine solutions on how we can get better

3. Leave us feeling hopeful about getting better.


What type of criticism have you experienced lately? Was it constructive or destructive?  What was your response?

Weather the criticism we received was constructive or destructive we must learn to use it to our advantage. Criticism is like feedback; the more we receive the greater the information we have to analyze and get better. Use criticism as fuel for your personal growth.


Thanks for reading!


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