Believe in Yourself

“Those that believe they can move mountains, do. Those who believe they can’t, cannot. Belief triggers the power to do.”- David J. Schwartz


Who would have thought, that something as simple as belief can make a huge difference in the life that we live. To the degree that you believe that you can accomplish something, you will. We hope and dream about the future and what we want to accomplish, but many times we lack the belief in our own ability to achieve greatness.

We often compare ourselves to people who are called to walk different paths and achieve different things and we allow them to become the standard of measurement for us. If I was created to be an elephant, why would I compare myself to a giraffe and use it as the standard of measurement for my life? God created and designed us for a specific purpose and He has plans that are greater than we can imagine. We must learn not to limit ourselves to the standards of others, but believe that we are capable and have the ability to achieve whatever it is that we desire.

To grow in belief of our own ability we must: focus on bettering ourselves, change the way we think, and allow our actions to be proof of our beliefs.

“A Bird Sitting On A Tree Is Never Afraid Of The Branch Breaking, Because Her Trust Is Not On The Branch But on Her Wings. Always Believe In Yourself.”

When we focus on improving ourselves it builds confidence in us. When you know that you have experience or skill in a certain area you are not afraid to apply what you know, because its natural to you. When we are constantly improving and getting better it boost our level of confidence because we are more aware of our abilities and can apply what we have been learning. When we constantly learn new information, our way of thinking begins to change.


”Those that cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”-George Bernard Shaw


Training our minds to think differently, opens up a world of opportunity for us. When our minds are constantly filled with negative thoughts and doubts our actions will reflect that which we think. When we have a negative thought that says, “I am not smart enough to accomplish this.” We must redirect those negative thoughts with positive thoughts. “I am capable and I will accomplish this.” This is something that I am currently putting into practice. I’ve noticed that the more positive thoughts that I allow myself to think the  more likely I am to accomplishing my goal.


“If you change the belief first changing the actions is easier.”- Peter McWilliams


Lastly, we must allow our actions to be proof of our belief. If you believe that you can accomplish something, do it to the best of your ability and give one hundred percent. When you give your all it shows that you truly believe in yourself.

I want to challenge you today to begin to believe in yourself again. Take some time today to examine the insecurities in your heart and begin to speak positive things over yourself. Start growing and challenging yourself to get better. You are capable and will achieve whatever is in your heart.


Thanks for reading!

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