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” Take action! An inch of movement  will bring you closer to your goal than a mile of intention.”- Dr. Steve Maraboli

We underestimate the power of taking action. We dream and believe for great things too, but we are missing the most important ingredient, action. 

Action is powerful. Our willingness to take action demonstrates what we really believe we are capable of. Why do many people fail to take action and follow through on their goals? Is it because they don’t believe that they are capable? Are they afraid they may actually succeed or fail? Are they too lazy? Or maybe they are just consumed and overwhelmed with life? 

Whatever the problem is, we must learn to be people of action. Why is action so important? Action is important because it cures fear, creates change, and helps us grow in knowledge. 

“The path to success is to take massive determined actions.”-Tony Robbins

Action cures fear. When we apply massive determined action, it eliminates the excuses we give ourselves. Often, we think about doing a certain thing and moments later we convince ourselves why we shouldn’t complete the task. The more we think about doing something the less likely we are to do it unless we begin to take action. The more action we take towards changing our situation the less likely we are to live in fear. Normal action isn’t good enough, we need massive and intentional action. 


“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”- Jim Rohn

The more action we take the more change we experience. Our action creates habits; habits creates change. When we are consistent with the right habits the results of our change are remarkable. We have the ability to change our whole situation around if we just simply change the habits that are not leading us towards our goal.


“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”-Herbert Spencer

Action gives us a great learning experience. It gives us the ability to put what we know into practice. There are things that we will do really well. Then there are things that will take time for us to figure out, but the more we try the greater the experience we gain. When we learn from making mistakes we retain the information better because we don’t want to make the same mistake again. Life is filled with opportunities to gain knowledge; the more action we take the more we learn. 


 Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Ten years? What actions are you taking to get there? Every action that we take today is building our tomorrow. Think about your everyday actions and reflect on how you have been building. The great thing about today is that its a new day, so that means a fresh start.  Be determined to take action in your everyday life towards you dream and goals and watch the difference that taking action makes. 

How to take action:

  1. Write down your goals
  2. Do something to move toward you goal (action)
  3. Reflect
  4. Take more action and apply your reflections

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