The Power of Consistency

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“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

Everyday we wake up we have a new opportunity to shape and change our future. If there are 365 days in a year, thats how many chances we have to make things right and create habits in our lives that will change the course of our future for the better.

Imagine doing the same thing every single day of your life, day in and day out. Although this may seem boring to some, it’s a powerful thing that will produce tremendous results if matched with the right habits. Think about the good habits in your life that you do consistently. How is your ability to be consistent with those  habits creating positive change?  Consistency is powerful and plays a great part in our ability to be successful. Maintaining consistency may not be an easy thing but if we are intentional and determined to stick with our plan it can change our lives.

What would happen if  we made a goal of saving $20.00 everyday and we maintained that goal consistently over the course of ten years or even twenty years? Think about the impact that just being consistent in that goal would have on our future. Or imagine what would happen if we made a goal of learning something new everyday and we stayed consistent everyday. What would happen over the course of five or ten years? Think about how knowledgeable we would be and how many doors of opportunity would open for us just by making little investments in ourselves everyday.

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”-John C. Maxwell

If we really want to see positive change and really make an impact in this world we have to be consistent in the right habits.

How to stay consistent:

1.) Plan things out

In order to stay consistent you must have a plan. When we set a specific time and date to accomplish something we are more likely to complete it. Once you set the time and date determine exactly what needs to be accomplished in that period of time. If you mess up or miss the time don’t be hard on yourself start where you are and be determined to do it right the next day.

2.) Be accountable

We must have accountability in order to stay consistent. There will be times where we don’t feel like doing what we have planned but if we have a person that can keep us accountable and remind us of our goal and the progress we have made it will keep us on track.

3.)  Be determined to accomplish what you said

In order to stay consistent we have to be determined. There will be times when we want to give up and quit but in those times we must push ourselves to keep going. When we can be consistent and really follow through on what we said this helps to establish our reputation, build trust and keep us on track to being successful.

Consistency may not be easy because of the hard work and sacrifice that it requires, and it’s difficult to see the results at the beginning but if you stay consistent with the right habits the payoff will be great. I just want to encourage you put in the work and stay consistent in doing the things that are really important to you because what you do today will shape your future tomorrow.

Thank so much for reading!

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