Take The Step

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“That risk you’re afraid to take, could be the one that changes your entire life.”

Have you ever been afraid to step out and go after something that you’ve been thinking about for a long time? Maybe you’ve been thinking about moving to a new city, taking a different career path or starting a business. Whatever the case maybe for you, don’t allow fear to hold you hostage.

Often times when we think about stepping into something new and different from the norm, we tend to become fearful of what would happen if we don’t succeed or things don’t go as planned. Focusing on the negative risk can keep us limited to where we are, but what would happen if  we instead begin to think about the positive things that can happen.

What if, that risk that you’re afraid to take is the very thing that you need to push you in the right direction? What if, stepping out is the very thing you need to gain momentum in a certain area of your life? What if, that new job changes everything for you? What if, the business you’re afraid to start, takes off and becomes bigger than you imagined?

Life is to short to sit back and think about why it won’t work, what if we took the times to focus and believe the one reason why it will?

Why should we step out:

1. In life you never really lose, you either will or you learn

Even if you fail at something it’s never really a loss, it’s a learning experience. When you learn something’s through experience it make a lasting impact and when you try again you won’t be starting from scratch but from a place of experience which can help guarantee success.

2 Stepping out can change everything

What if stepping out puts you in the exact place you need to be so that you can experience success? Stepping out can help us gain momentum in life, which can help us grow and reach our full potential.

3. Stepping out encourages growth

We grow the most when we are uncomfortable.  When we are in situations thats different from our norm, it forces us to try new things and sparks potential for growth.

As we go into this new year don’t be afraid to step into whatever it is that you’ve been thinking about. What if, you are on the verge of stepping into the greatest season of your life, that will only come of you stepped out. Don’t be afraid to take the risk it could be the thing that changes everything.

Thanks for reading! I hope this encourages you.


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