Hold The Vision


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“Hold the vision. Stay the path. Trust the process.”

Imagine being at a place in life where every dream and goal you ever imagined was fulfilled. Think about the excitement, fulfillment and the satisfaction you would experience in that moment. What would your life look like? Where would you be? What would you be doing?

Sometimes taking a step back just to visualize where you want to be could help you understand the value of the time you have everyday. Is it really possible to live the life of your dreams? If you are intentional and start putting in the work everyday could you really obtain all the things you desire to see? Think back to when you were a kid, what were some things you visualized about your future? Did you imagine one day going to college, starting a career, having a family, traveling the world, starting a business?

Now, take time to think about where you are now. Have you reached any of those goals? No matter how big or small those goals were, as a kids you were able to visualize it and now you are seeing the fruits of what you envisioned.  If you take time today to dream, imagine and take hold of future imagine what you could see in the next five or even ten years. Life can sometimes be harder than we imagine and even more ruthless than we envisioned but does that mean our future can’t be bright? Why let a season or even a moment be the deciding factor of how your story will end? Think about that little boy or girl who your once were and the sparkle that one glittered in your eyes when you dreamed about the future.

Don’t give up! Take time today to grab hold of the vision for your life and if you don’t have a vision it’s okay, don’t beat yourself up. Take time today to create one. Everyday is a new opportunity and chance to start and build the life you desire to see. It’s one thing to have a vision but how do you hold the vision?

1. Think about it often

Just as when you were a kids you constantly envision the future and imagine what it would be like to be a grown up and make your own decisions. It should be the same with your life now, think about where you are and where you want to be often. If you can visualize it, it can happen.

2. Focus on making Progress not perfection

Small progress is better than no progress at all. Forward is forward. Your journey doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to be determined not to quit. Set goals, develop a plan, create a vision and take small steps everyday.

3. Reflect, Refocus and Readjust

Take time to reflect on your everyday life often. Make adjustments, change habits, plan out your day. Be determined to get better everyday.

I hope this post encourages you. Don’t ever give up. You may not like where you are now, but at any moment your life can change. Be intentional with your everyday life. You can live the life of your dreams if you begin to put in the work today! Hold the vision! “ You owe it to yourself to become everything you ever dreamed of.”


Thanks for reading!

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