Hold The Vision. Trust The Process.

Photo by Retha Ferguson on Pexels.com

“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason it will!”

Have you ever had a picture in your mind of what you wanted life to look like? Does your life currently look anything like that picture? Sometimes you can’t always see the full picture of what you are believing to happen while you’re in the process of creating it. But you must be able to hold the vision and trust the process if you really want to see your vision accomplished, because great things take time.

Great things really do take time. What’s one of the biggest things you’ve accomplished? How long did it take you to accomplish that thing? I remember my first year of college, I envisioned exactly how everything would look for the next four years and I pictured what getting my degree would look like. The process in my mind looked smooth and easy, I was determined to study as much as possible do all my work, make excellent grades and enjoy college life. It was easy in my mind but that wasn’t my reality. I went through sleepless nights not understanding some of the information I had to learn, changing majors and colleges, and trying to figure out how to balance personal life and school. Although the process looked very messy and nothing like I pictured in the end I still made it.

Creating a vision is the easy and fun part of the journey because it gives you the opportunity to really dream and visualize what you want to see. The hard part is the execution of the vision. The execution requires hard work, consistency, determination, faith and the ability to stay focused on the vision. Sometimes the story you envisioned doesn’t always go as planned so you have to be able to keep that vision no matter what life currently looks like, and trust the process. One of the great things about the process is that it not only prepares you but it teaches you a lot about the destination. The process is where the greatest transformation takes place and your appreciation for the destination becomes bigger than you can imagine.

Holding the vision and trusting the process is not just for the big things in your life but even for the small daily goals and routines. Have you ever created a schedule for your day or week and it didn’t go as planned? Its easy to become frustrated when things aren’t going as planned but you must remind yourself that small consistent steps everyday adds up.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been out of quarantine and things look a lot different from when I started. A lot can change in a month and a half. Getting adjusted to my new routine has been challenging and takes a lot of hard work and intentionality on my part. Going back to attending therapy appointments with my four year old three times a week, while taking care of my three and nine month old who just started crawling is wild. My days are a lot busier and my focus has to be sharp with being present and creating a routine that allows me to accomplish the small daily goals of potty training, cooking, cleaning , learning, play time, naps, self care and soon to be school. Although it’s hard I know it’s not impossible because God will never give me more than I could handle.

This makes me look back on my life at all the difficult things I went through and I realize how God was preparing me for this time and this moment. Everything you go through is for a purpose and the process always prepares you for what you will one day have to face in the future. I look back at my times in college when I had to learn to balance and joggle so much of life and it felt so hard and impossible. I cried a lot pleaded with God for mercy and I kept believing that God would help me through those years and He did. If He was faithful back then I know that He can do the same things now. Every season teaches me to depend on God in a new and greater way. God gives us vision to help us to navigate through life.

Creating a vision of how I want my days to look has been easy, it’s the executing and making adjustments that have been difficult. Although its hard work and sometimes frustrating I’ve had to remind myself that small steps everyday and consistency adds up. The important thing is to keep the vision of what I desire to see and be flexible in my approach until I discover what works best for me and my family. Intentionality has been my way really creating the life that I desire to see and I’ve seen overtime how being intentional can really transform your life. It’s not always easy to see the full picture while you are creating it but you have to trust that as you are putting in the work and working the plan that in due time and season what you are expecting will happen.

Holding the vision and trusting the process is hard work but it’s not impossible. Something that has helped me in the past is believing in faith, standing on Gods word, being intentional everyday with my routine, working hard and trusting that as I stay consistent things will happen. I hope this encourages you to keep going, just because you don’t see things happening yet doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Stay focused, keep believing, woking and trusting the process. Thanks for reading.

What are you believing to see happen in this season of your life? How are you preparing and working the process? I would love to hear about your journey.

5 thoughts on “Hold The Vision. Trust The Process.

  1. Love this post Curtshandra!

    I used to freak out and stress over setbacks and roadblocks but I remind myself about the time I was working in corporate America and how unhappy I was for 9 years.

    Now I look at setbacks as a set-up that something good will come of it – I hope, lol!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to read it. I think that’s so cool how you stepped out and started your own business. I know it takes a lot of courage to leave corporate America but I know it was definitely worth it. Especially now that you are doing something that you are passionate about. I’m inspire watching your journey. You are such an incredible blogger, leader, photographer and creative person.


    1. No problem! Thank you for taking the time to read it. And it’s so true patience is huge and we must remember that great things don’t always happened overnight but overtime. Gods timing is always perfect and the process is just preparation for the promise.


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