Create A Life You Don’t Need An Escape From

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“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”

Jean Shinoda Bolen

The beautiful thing about life is that it gives you the opportunity to create exactly what you want to see. If you don’t really like the way something is you have the choice and ability to change it. This sounds very simple but the reality is that change is not always simple, sometimes it’s hard depending on the magnitude of what you’re changing. But,” Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible.” You really can create a life you don’t need an escape from.

It doesn’t have to be glamorous or expensive unless you want it that way, but sometimes all it takes is making little adjustments to continuously add freshness to your life. Taking time to take care of yourself is essential. Think about the last time you encountered or experienced something that refreshed your entire being. What was that experience for you? And how did that experience give you the extra boost you needed to keep moving forward in life?

What if you created a routine that gave you a spark of freshness everyday? Or maybe twice a week? Find something fun and exciting to do that refreshes you and that you look forward to doing. With being in the middle of a pandemic you have to get creative with finding things you enjoying doing; but think of the difference this could add to your quality of your life. Once you get the foundational part of understanding the importance of making room for the things you enjoy you then have to determine how you want your life to look and what you want to incorporate.

How does creating a life you don’t need an escape from look for you? What do you feel like you need the most? What’s something you currently try to avoid because of the stress it adds to your life? How can you change it? What every person needs maybe different but here are some tips to help you discover where to start:

1.) Determine what’s most important to you

What are the most important things in your life? Is it family, relationships, being alone, school, job, career, traveling, etc? Once you discover the things that are most important to you, you are then able to plan out exactly what you want to do.

2.) Plan out exactly what you want to do

Make a plan of how you will spend time doing what’s most important to you. If you really enjoy being alone, plan out what you will do once you are alone so that you can look forward to doing it. If you enjoy being with your family and friends discover something fun that you can do together.

3.) Create the time and space

If it’s really important to you make time for it. You work so hard everyday, love yourself enough to know you deserve time to do the things you enjoy. No matter how much work you have to do, make time to be refreshed. Being refreshed will give you the extra boost you need to go the extra mile.

This last month and a half of my life was dedicated to me recovering from COVID-19 but also gaining a whole new level of understanding of the importance of creating a life you don’t need an escape from. I had time to do some serious reflecting and discovering what I want my life to look like and how I can changer it. My life is constantly busy with virtual teaching, taking care of my three kids, therapy appointments, trying to maintain a household, cook, blogging and just really living life. It’s sometimes hard to find time to get refreshed but I understand how essential it is to my wellbeing and creating a better life. I am thankful that my husband is here to help me carry the load but he also has many roles and responsibilities as a business owner and the main provider of our family.

This week was my first full week back with my family and it was quite refreshing. I missed my babies so much and I really enjoyed so much quality time with them. My husband and I created a schedule where we both have two days each week to have a two hour break dedicated to self care. Those breaks really do make a difference with kids and are a great way to help us to stay refreshed individually. We took time to determine the things that were most important for us, and created a routine and schedule around those things. Date nights, devotion time and alone time are a must for us. Creating a routine hasn’t been easy but we’ve been working on this for a long time. One thing I’ve discovered is that if you stay consistent everything will eventually fall into place.

I hope this encouraged you. Life doesn’t have to be perfect but take time to determine what you need to stay refreshed.

What is something you do to get refreshed? How does a life you don’t need an escape from look for you? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

“Create the life you don’t need an escape from. “


2 thoughts on “Create A Life You Don’t Need An Escape From

  1. SHANDRA!!!!!!! This is a great read!! You got me thinking hard!! I don’t have kids yet but with businesses and work I understand I too need to create a life I don’t have to escape from! I understand now that I have to make time where I don’t have to be busy and multitasking! Instead I find ways of pampering myself are a must because I enjoy being pampered! So I’m going to create a schedule that allows me to be pampered! Thanks for this! Love this blog!!

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    1. Yesss! So true you do love being pampered. That’s actually a lot of fun too and a great way to get refreshed. I had to learn the importance of taking time for myself because in my younger days I felt guilty. As I grew older I started to recognize that it’s not selfish it’s essential to keep you refreshed and in good health. I get as much self care as I can these days. 😁 I’ve been living my best life.


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