Hope and Expectation For The Future

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“Your entire life can really change in a year…. you just gotta love yourself enough to know you deserve more. Be brave enough to demand more, and disciplined enough to actually work for more.”

What if you knew beforehand that this year was the last year of your life? How would you live differently? Who would you forgive? What goals would you accomplish? What dreams would you fulfill? What relationships would you build?

The New Year is often a time where many people began to reflect on their lives, set goals and plan for the future and how things could be better. But, did you know that your entire life can really change in a year if you really believed and put in the work to make changes. It is said that by February eighty percent of people flake out on their New Year resolutions. Change is not always easy. If you really want change you have to not only work for it but also fight for it. It is natural for us as humans to revert back to old ways, but if you are intentional and give yourself  room to grow and make mistakes you can always get back on the right track.

How can you make sure that you not only start this New Year off strong but you finish strong?

1. Set realistic goals

You can’t do everything but you can do something. Set goals that are realistic things that you can actually accomplish when you put in the work. If you have a goal to lose 20 pounds by February but you don’t exercise or eat healthy that goal isn’t realistic. Try making time for exercise and eating healthy and give yourself  more time and focus on losing small increments of weight at a time.

2. Take things one step at a time

One step in the right direction changes everything. Take things one step at a time. You won’t be able to accomplish everything at once so focus on one thing and as you accomplish that one start with the next.

3. Celebrate small progress

Celebrate the small victories. That fact that you are not where you use to be is always a reason to celebrate. This encourages you to keep going. Don’t strive for perfection look for progress.

4. Be accountable

Fins you a friend or mentor who will push and encourage you through the process. When you have accountability you are most likely to finish and follow through on your goals.

I want to challenge you before we step into this new year to dream big, set goals and develop a plan for your life. Write down your vision and make it clear and realistic. Your life can really change in a year. Every year I like to take time to write out my goals for the year. I remember 10 years ago I wrote out my goals for that year and what I wanted my life to look like in five and tens years. Some of the things I was hoping and planning for was to get married, have a family, graduate from college, travel the world and more. And as I look back over these last 10 years I’ve accomplished every single goal, because I believed, I prayed and put in the work every single day. The process wasn’t perfect and sometimes things were hard, I experienced a lot of set back and detours but I didn’t quit. I want to encourage you to do the same work hard, believe, pray and don’t quit even when you don’t see results when you would like. You never know how things can change in an instant.

Thanks for reading! I hope this encourages you!

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