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“Train yourself to find the blessing in everything.”

Have you ever experienced the feeling of missing out on something because you were more focused on something else? Or because you were spectacle about trying something new?

That’s not a fun feeling to experience, but It made me think about this current season of life and how I can miss the opportunity to find the blessing in the season if I allow myself to be consumed by all the negativity new going on around me.

Im starting to see how the world seems to thrive off of negativity and all that’s taking place in the news and media, so it’s important for me to guard my heart and mind and really train myself  to look for the blessing in the beautiful things around me. I’ve been feeling so consumed with all that’s going on in the news that I’ve forced myself to take a step back, turn it off and refocus my attention on things that are more positive and would have a better impact on my mental and emotional health. This has been such a game changer for me because I’ve noticed how much lighter and more at peace I feel everyday.

Although this pandemic hasn’t been easy with so much death and sickness all around I’ve been learning to really enjoy the simple things like spending more time with my family and kids, exercising, reading books, and getting the rest and self care I’ve needed for a long time. As the busyness of  my life slows down  it’s  forcing  me to face the deeper things in my life that I’ve been pushing to the side. Like projects I’ve been needing to get done, deep cleaning and even relationships I’ve been needing to mend. I’v also noticed the desire to go back to school and things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time beginning to resurface. This season is teaching me so much about the importance of slowing down and looking at  what’s right before my eyes.

It’s not always easy to refocus your time and attention but if you are  intentional it will make a huge difference in this season.

Thanks for reading!

What are some of the things you are enjoying about this season? What are some new things you are learning? How has this season been a blessing in disguise for you? How are you doing in the season?

I hope this encouraged you today to find the blessing in everyday.

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