Prepare To Win

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“Don’t dream of winning, train for it.”

-Mo Farah

What’s your biggest dream? Where are you in the process of achieving that dream? What is motivating you to accomplish that dream?

Dreaming is beautiful, I often think about my dreams because they motivate me to keep going, and inspire to me to keep growing through everyday life. When I constantly think about all the things I want to accomplish it makes my heart so happy, but I know that in order to bring fulfillment to those desires I have to apply action.

Going after your dreams is not easy, and requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice and determination.You will experience many ups and downs, growing pains and at times want to quit. But, if you can visualize your dream happening and remember your “why” you will understand that reaching your dreams is not impossible.

Sometimes the season of life you are going through can be hard and discouraging, but it’s important to realize that it’s all apart of the process. You have to ask yourself the question, “What is this season trying to teach me?” And be determined to learn and grow through it.

John Maxwell said, “Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will get better.” In order to see your dreams accomplished you have to continually grow through each season of your life. What are you doing to grow in your current season of life? How are you preparing in this season to reach the goals that will help you accomplish the dream?

One thing I’ve been learning is to always keep my goals in front of me and the importance of writing them down everyday. Everyday I ask myself, “What can I work on today that will help me accomplish my bigger goals?” Taking baby steps has kept me moving forward in the process of accomplishing my dreams.

I want to encourage you with three tips I believe will help prepare to win:

  1. Know and simplify what you really want

Be clear about what you want to accomplish. When you know exactly what you want you are more likely to get it

2. Plan out how you will get there

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Plan out how you will reach the goals. If you don’t really know, ask people who are where you want to be or write down ideas you have and try them out until you discover what works.

3. Work your plan everyday

Everyday is your opportunity to build. Take baby steps. I have one hour everyday dedicated to learning, planning and improving. I make out goals of what I need to work on and I work on something everyday.

Prepare for what you want and work on it everyday. I remember my pastor said something that really impacted me. He said, “ God will bless what you prepare.”

I remember being in the fifth grade and the DARE officer at our school gave us a challenge to write and essay about why it’s important to not use drugs. He said that whoever wrote the best essay would win a trip. He never told us when it was due, but most people assumed we should have it ready by our next class. I instantly got excited because I love trips so I started writing the exact day. Our DARE officer came the next day to see if anyone was ready and I was the only one who was ready.

So I read my essay in front of the class and I ended up winning a trip to Houston to see the Astros play. The entire trip was paid for, two day hotel stay, bus ride with the DARE program and I had the time of my life.

I wanted to share this story to encourage you that no matter where you are in the process of reaching your dreams, don’t give up. Keep preparing, believing, praying and growing through each season. On day you will look up and be so glad you didn’t quit.

Thanks for reading!

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