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“Decide what kind of life you really want…and then, say no to everything that isn’t that.”

Life is so precious, yet so short. Time continues to pass us by and every breathe is so valuable, because it provides us with another opportunity to make this life count. We only get one life so why waste it, on things that really don’t add any value to our lives. Why not take time to be intentional and decide what it is that you really want?

Sometimes making decisions about certain things in life can be tough, but what we don’t realize is that we make thousands of decisions everyday without even thinking sometimes. We make decisions about what we will wear and eat, the places we will go and what we will do constantly throughout our day. Each of these decisions although small are creating the reality we will see. Imagine what would happen if we would be intentional about even the small daily decisions we make everyday. What impact would that make on our lives?

How should we make decisions in our lives

1. Pray about your decisions

Prayer is powerful and has the ability to change things. When we pray we show that we really trust God with our life. His wisdom and plan is so much greater than ours, and He always knows the steps we should take. Prayer gives us the ability to rely on Gods plan and not our own.

2. Make decisions with intention

Don’t make decisions based off of emotions because emotions always change. Make decisions with your purpose in mind. Ask yourself: “How will this add value to my life?” “Is this worth my time, attention and energy?” “Does this support the goals I want to reach?”

3. Keep your future in mind

When making decisions always keep your future in mind. Every choice you make is building your future, so if you don’t like the way your life looks currently than you should change the choices and decisions you make.

I just want to encourage you to be intentional about building and making decisions about the life you want to see. You only get one life and you are the only person that can hold the pen and paper to your life and create your own story.

Thanks for reading!

Check out motivational minute video on YouTube at Intentional Hope.


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