Allow Yourself Room To Grow -Part 2

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I am learning everyday to allow the space to where I am and where I want to be, inspire me not terrify me.”- Tracee Ellis Ross

Have you ever gotten to a place in your life where you felt frustrated with where you were? You seemed to have worked and pushed yourself so hard yet things still didn’t go as planned.

Life can sometimes look like that, and it’s important recognize that it’s all apart of the process. The process is one of the most important parts of reaching your dreams because it’s the part the requires the most growth. The process is what grows you to become the person who can accomplish the dream.

Therefore, you must allow ourselves room to grow, and not just rush the process. Growth is not automatic and doesn’t happen over night. It takes time and intentionality to really get to the place you desire.

So how do we give ourselves room to grow:

1. Understand that growth should never stop

There comes a time in our lives where we stop growing physically, but our personal growth should never stop. We should be growing through each season of life, because every  season comes with a lesson. Growth through each season helps to prepare us to experience and be ready for what’s next, but it also has a way of shaping and developing our character.

2. Take things one step at a time

It’s easy to want to rush the process and make things happen over night. Taking things one step at a time helps you to stay focused and not get frustrated when things don’t go as planned. Taking things one step at a time give you the time and flexibility to find solutions.

3. Focus on who you are becoming

Who you are becoming in the process is so important in determining if you will reach the dream. You can’t bring the same old habits and ways of thinking into a new season. Each season requires something different.

I just want to encourage and challenge you to give yourself room to grow. Nothing happens overnight. Don’t allow the frustration you maybe experiencing to discourage you. Remember that  growth never stops, you must take life one step at a time and you must stay focused on who you are becoming.

Thanks for reading!

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“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.”- Abraham Maslow


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