Tunnel Vision

grayscale photography of person at the end of tunnel
Photo by Anthony DeRosa on Pexels.com

“Don’t compare your progress to that of others. We need our own time to travel our own distance.”

Your ability to focus and go after what you want plays a huge part in you reaching your goals. It’s easy to get distracted by what’s going on around you while your in the mist of your own progress. Sometimes you can hinder and even become discouraged in your process when you look to the left and right of you and compare it to someone else’s. But if you were to really take a step back and think, different goals, different vision, different values, different timings it’s not suppose to look the same.

A few weeks ago I fixed my two older girls some popcorn in their own bowls. As I was fixing the bowls I fixed my two year old a great amount of popcorn because I know she loves popcorn and will eat it all. I fixed my four year old not as much popcorn because I know she isn’t going to eat much of it and will probably just end up playing in it. Then I fixed myself a huge bowl because I know I love popcorn. This made me think about how God gives us things in proportion to what we can handle. Sometimes you may look at what some else have and be tempted to compare your life to theirs but there is so much power in having the ability to focus on your life with the commitment to building what you desire to see.

You never really know the amount of work and sacrifice a person had to put in to be where they currently are in life. Sometimes you may not even realize the battle people are currently fighting to sustain or move into greater levels of what they have. Sometimes taking a step back and just refocusing on your own goals and journey can give you a fresh perspective of where you are and give you greater clarity on how to get where you desire to be.

You can have whatever you desire for your life if you are intentional and start building the life you want to see. But in order to get there you must be locked in on your goals and focus on your target. 

So how do you keep yourself encouraged in the process:

1. Remember how far you’ve come

Celebrate the progress you’ve made. Always keep that progress in front of your mind so you can have hope for what’s to come.

2. Focus on your goals

Stay focus on your goals. Write them down everyday and keep them in front of you. Work towards reaching your goals everyday.

3. Keep moving forward despite what you currently see

Life can change at any moment. You may not see what you want yet but you never know how things can change at any moment.

I just want to encourage you to stay focused. Don’t get distracted by what you see around you keep focus. Your life could be as beautiful as you desire it to be if you stay committed and are intentional about what you build.

Thanks for reading!

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