The Power Of Focus

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“What you focus on expands. Choose wisely.”


Have you ever given a lot of time and attention towards something and saw it transform right before your eyes? What do you believe helped to bring about that transformation? I can guarantee that if you sit back and really think of a big contributing factor it would be focus. That’s the power of focus, it causes things to grow. Jack Canfield stated that: “ The number one reason that stops people from getting what they want is lack of focus. People who focus on what they want, prosper. Those who don’t, struggle.” Your level of focus plays a huge part in being able to accomplish many of the goals and dreams that you have. When focused on the right things the results can be life changing. 

These last few years have been a rollercoaster for everyone going through a pandemic but one thing I have learned is the power of focus. Covid-19 changed everything for our world and it made life ten times more stressful for me and my family. In the beginning things felt all over the place but once I took time to really focus on the things that were important, life changed for me. That big change happen during my seven weeks time in quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19 so many times, and this was during the beginning when Covid-19 first started and there wasn’t much information about it.  During my time in quarantine I learned the power of focus and I believe that time prepared me to move forward towards the future with a locked in focus on my goals and becoming the best version of myself. 

During the beginning of my time in quarantine I was stressed, worried, fearful and anxious. When I begin to take my focus off the things I couldn’t control and really trusted God it’s like a switch flipped. I started focusing on the things I could do such as read, grow, practice self care, rest, grow in my relationship with God, and so much more. When my focused changed I realized how hopeful I was and how what I focused on help me to leave out of quarantine stronger and better prepare for the future. One thing I’ve learned from this is that your focus has tremendous power to change your life. Staying focused is not easy because of all the distractions that are around,  but these are some things that have helped me: 

1.) Decide what’s most important

“Get into the habit of asking yourself, if the actions you are doing is supporting the life you are trying to create?” Take time to decide what’s most important to you and examine the things the are currently consuming your energy. If what you are currently doing doesn’t fit into the goal of what you want than you must eliminate it and find the path that will get you closer to reaching that goal.

2. Weed out the distractions

There will always be opportunities to get distracted by the things around you but the important thing is to plan and weed out those distractions. It maybe as simple as turning off the notifications on your phone so that you can stay focused on accomplishing your task or scheduling breaks within your day to do things you enjoy. When we weed out the distractions it’s easier to stay focus on completing the task.

3. Take action

The biggest part of staying focus is taking action. When you get into the zone of taking action and putting in the work it moves you closer to reaching your goals and you  are more motivated to follow through and finish. There is power in making progress. Once you start to see progress you will long to see the results. Results will only come through the actions you take.

What you focus on grows! I want to encourage and challenged you to focus and lean in on the important things in your life. Your ability to focus on your goals will determine if you are able to reach them. Don’t waste your time and attention on things that don’t really matter. Your time is valuable and precious and something you will never get back so use it to focus on things that will help you get to where you desire to be. Don’t give up. Take time to focus, readjust and keep moving forward. Thanks for reading!

How has the power of focus changed your life? What’s something you are focused on for this year? Comment below, I would love to hear your story. 


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