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“You cannot afford to live in potential for the rest of your life; at some point, you have to unleash the potential and make your move.”

-Eric Thomas

If you had the opportunity to accomplish anything without failing, what would you do? What if, you really do have that opportunity? What if, all you really need is a shift in perspective? What if, what you perceive as failure isn’t really failure but an opportunity to evolve and gain the experience you need to level up. 

Mindset is everything! When you start changing the way you think, life starts to change. One thing these last few years has taught me is the importance of being aware of where I am in life and understanding that I am never really stuck. Change is a process that takes times but everyday I get to choose whether to evolve or repeat. I learned that I could break the unhealthy cycles in my life by changing my everyday habits. If I wanted something different I had to be intentional with the habits that would create the change I wanted.

 Everyday you must make a choice. If you really want to see change in your life and in the world, you have to start with yourself. To evolve means to develop gradually or to set free. To repeat means to do (something) again. “We’re not meant to stay the same. Change is good.” Life is always changing but you are in control of deciding the type of change you experience.

I remember a time about seven years ago when I got to the point in my life where I felt stuck. I was tired of doing the same things and going in circles mentally and emotionally. I felt like there was so much more to life then what I was experiencing. I had just graduated college and was getting ready to have my first child but I felt like there was so much more that I wanted to do. I knew that if I didn’t want to continue to feel stuck I had to change my mindset and begin to move differently. When I look back I realized I was at a place where I had stop growing and even dreaming. I couldn’t stay in that place so I made a decision to evolve and become the best version of myself. That season was the start of my personal growth journey and that was also the start of my blogging journey. That season changed me so much and I have been growing ever since that time. 

I enrolled in a personal growth program, I started reading and made a commitment to continually grow. One thing that I realized is that we are not meant to stay the same forever. “Every next level of your life requires a different you.” When you are not evolving or growing you get to the place where you feel stuck and hopeless. What I have learned from this experience is that in order to evolve you have to be:

1.) Shift Your Mindset

In order to evolve you have to learn to think different about the things you experience in life. Look at every situation as an opportunity to grow and get better. Your failures and disappointments are learning experiences. 

2.) Be Intentional

Be Intentional about how you are growing. If you know what you really want out of life, grow into the person you need to be in order to accomplish it. 

3.) Make Time For Your Personal Growth

If you truly want to grow you have to make time for it. With the busyness of everyday life if you don’t plan to grow it won’t happen. What you do everyday builds so make time to grow and develop yourself. Read books, join a community, take classes, listen to podcast or YouTube videos… Find what works for you. 

Life is too short to allow fear to hold you back. Don’t be afraid to step out and walk in your full potential. What do you have to lose? If things don’t work out it would be a great learning experience. In life, you never really lose because you always gain knowledge from every experience. I want to encourage you to continue to grow. Don’t repeat the same cycles and call that living. There is so much more to life than what you have experienced. Don’t give up on your dreams. Grow, evolve and become the person you need to be in order to accomplish it. Thanks for reading!

What’s one way you are growing in this season? How has growth changed your life? Comment below I would love to hear your story. 


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