Hold The Vision, Trust The Process

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“Instead of worrying about what you can’t control, shift your energy to what you can create.” 

-Roy T. Bennett

Staying the course takes courage because life always presents opportunities to throw in the towel. That is why it’s so Important to hold the vision, and trust the process. Results don’t happen overnight but, they do happen overtime as you continue to persist. Uncertainty brings with it a lot of fear but if you choose to give into those fears it will keep you from seeing the beauty of what’s on the other side of your persistence.  

Life has changed so much over these past three years with going through a pandemic. And it’s continuing to change at a fast past. Things feel uncertain and with uncertainty comes so much. It’s like a fish out of water. One thing that has remained the same throughout this change is God. I don’t say that to be cliche but for me personally my relationship with Jesus has been a rock through these times. I love how He is unchanging and his grace has helped me through the different seasons of life. I am learning to trust Him and the process of life, even when I don’t understand it.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by so much change? It’s easy to get comfortable with the same routine and feel at peace because you are in control. But, what happens when things change to the point where you are no longer in control? How do you stay above water where the uncertainty doesn’t cause you to drown? How do you hold the vision and trust the process?

When I think of holding the vision and trusting the process I think of my oldest daughter’s journey. At the end of 2020 she was diagnosed with a rare disease called INAD. INAD is a rare neurodegenerative disease which cause regression of acquired motor skills, delayed motor coordination and eventual loss of voluntary muscle control. The emotions I felt were overwhelming, it’s like my heart had literally gotten crushed. I grieved so much and I still grieve often because its so heart breaking. I miss those days of seeing her run without a gait trainer and her being able to play just like a normal kid. When you first become a parent you are so exited to see your kids reach milestones and enjoy life but when the story doesn’t turn out like you expected, it does something to you. It changes how you view life and it gives you a greater reason to enjoy every moment because of the uncertainty that’s always in your mind. In Psalms 27:13 ” I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. God has really been an anchor during this time, through so many changes.  

Although it’s difficult at times my faith is so strong. I can’t control what happens but I trust God. I keep my focus on the things that I can control such as keeping her active and making sure she gets all the care that is needed. Throughout me focusing on the controllable I feel like God sends me rays of sunshine. My daughter is also non verbal but she can say some words but every once in a while she would say a whole sentence out of no where. Every time it happens I get filled with so much hope knowing that God hears my prayers and He sees me. There are even times where she stands up leaning over the counter. Those little miracles remind me to trust God, focus on the controllable and keep working the process. 

These are some things that I have learned through this journey of uncertainty of how to hold the vision and trust the process:

1.) Remember the vision 

Seek God’s wisdom for a vision and always keep it in front of you. When I first got my daughter’s diagnosis I felt like God put it in my heart to keep her moving and getting exercising everyday. It has been my goal everyday to get her on her adaptive bike or out in her gait trainer for thirty minutes everyday. It’s crazy how God provided for her to be blessed with an adaptive bike right after the time of her diagnosis.   

2.) Focus on what you can control

I challenge myself to focus on the controllable. I do that by keeping her active, making sure she goes to therapy and keep all of her doctor visits up to date. I make it my goal also to keep her enjoying life. Going to parks, experiencing new places, etc.  

3.) Follow through, keep going

I think it’s so important to follow through on the process. Sometimes when you hit a bump in the road it’s easy to want to give up but following through makes a world of a difference. Learning to push through hard things builds endurance. Everyday I make it my goal to show up for her, because the example I set is teaching her how to fight through her journey. 

I hope my story and my daughter’s journey encourages you to keep pushing forward. Life is not always easy but the fight through it is so worth it. Remind yourself that you can do hard things, because hard doesn’t mean impossible. Remember that you are capable. You are going to make it! Just because you don’t see something happening yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Keep on showing up, trying and trust God because He is so faithful to keep His promises. Thank you for reading!

What’s something that you have learned through trusting the process? If this has encouraged you let me know by commenting below. 


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