Make Your Move: Change the Way You Look At Things

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“You cannot afford to live in potential for the rest of your life; at some point, you have to unleash the potential and make your move.”

-Eric Thomas

Have you ever wanted to step out and do something but you were too afraid of what may happen? You are not alone! Fear is a normal reaction to uncertainty and trying something new, but allowing that fear to keep you from moving forward is another story. If you never step out and do the thing in your heart, how will you ever know if it will be successful? If you are often times thinking of doing something but haven’t yet gained the courage, don’t worry it really is a process. Sometimes the process begins as just a thought. Once you decide that it’s something you really want to do it becomes a goal. After becoming a goal, what was once a thought has to be saturated in the belief that you can achieve it. Once the belief is there, action has to be applied in order the make that goal or dream a reality. 

Sometimes in the process between the first thought and creating a goal, fear becomes an obstacle. In order to overcome fear you have to be intentional in conquering it. I remember the beginning of my blogging journey I was so afraid to start blogging. I often times felt afraid that people wouldn’t read what I wrote or that my writing wasn’t good enough. Those thoughts kept me on the fence about starting. I knew that writing and sharing the things I was learning through life was something that I really wanted to do. The idea of blogging was something I believe God impressed on my heart as a way of me being able to connect with and encourage others while being in a different season of life as a stay at home mom, and virtual teacher. It took me a while to start blogging from when it first became a thought. I had to be intentional in reminding myself that I was capable and good enough. I also had to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as I had a willingness to keep growing that’s really all that matters. 

Learning to constantly address my fears and insecurities with what I knew to be the truth became an everyday affirmation. As that process continued I then developed the belief that I really could do it as long as I kept trying. Once I developed the belief in myself I set a goal and I made my move. It was truly a move worth making because blogging has changed my life so much. It has allowed me to have an outlet while sharing the lessons that have helped me so much in life. I am truly able to be my authentic self while encouraging and inspiring others to never lose hope. My blogging journey started right after I made a decision to be intentional about my personal growth, and as I begin to share all the things I was learning I knew that it would one day make a big impact. In the beginning it wasn’t easy and I didn’t have a lot of support but I was determined to keep going. I knew that if it was something that God put on my heart I needed to do it. I had to realize that it wasn’t about me, but about God using what He has given me. Even if it encourages one person that’s good enough for me. 

Looking back I’ve made tremendous progress and have grown so much. I’m so glad I didn’t give up and allow the potential I knew I had inside of me to be wasted. Making a move was all worth it . What I now understand is that making a move and doing what’s in your heart not only impacts you, but also futures generations. You never know what could happen as you step out and do the things you dream of. Don’t allow fear to keep you stuck. What if the thing you’ve been thinking about is exactly what your life needs? What if does work out? What if it end up changing your life and other peoples life for the better? What moves are you thinking of making? I want to challenge you to think of the benefit that can happen if you make the move? 

These are some tips I have learned about How to Make Your Move and Accomplish Your Goal

1.) Make sure there is a purpose behind it

In order for something to truly last there has to be purpose behind it. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to do this?”  Once you understand the true purpose behind the goal you want to reach you’ll find the motivation to keep working towards it. 

2.) Believe in yourself 

“What you believe you will achieve.” You have to believe that you are capable of doing the thing you want to achieve. I didn’t start blogging until I built up the belief that I could do it. That started with me doing daily affirmations and reminding myself everyday that I was capable. 

3.) Work towards everyday / Take Action

Great things aren’t build overnight but they are built overtime. Always keep your goals in front of you and work towards them everyday. The process won’t be perfect you just have to stay consistent. 

I want to encourage you to unleash your potential and make your move. You never know what you can achieve if you never try? If there is something you’ve been thinking of doing I want to challenge you to write it down and ask yourself what’s something small you can do today to help you  step out and act on the goal. Start to nurture the belief that you can achieve the goal. You are capable of great things, don’t ever forget that! Once you set the goal, develop a plan and start working on it everyday. Remember it’s a process and in order to see success you have to keep showing up. Thank you so much for reading!

What’s something you have been wanting to accomplish? What’s one way you can step out and start? 

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