Staying Committed To The Process

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“Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going.”

Jim Rohn

How easy life would be if we could accomplish our dreams in an instant. There would be no limit to the level of success we could reach. Imagine how fulfilling and beautiful life would be, until boredom strikes. Unfortunately there is a process or should I say fortunately, there is a process that prepares us to reach our dreams in more ways than we realize. Dreaming has always made life more exciting and meaningful. Just thinking about the future and all the possibilities of what you can accomplish, brings a greater sense of purpose and hope. 

What’s your biggest dream? Have you ever thought about the work that’s required in order to achieve it? The process is hard work and can sometimes be discouraging, but if you are committed to sticking through it no matter what, you will one day be rewarded. To commit to something means to carry into action deliberately. If you want to see your dreams fulfilled you must be willing to truly commit to the process and take deliberate action. The process is what grows, changes, encourages, builds endurance and so much more in you. It shapes you into the person you need to be in order to accomplish the dream. 

I remember the start of my health journey, in the beginning it was discouraging because it took me forever to lose weight and I wasn’t really getting the results I wanted. If I wanted to see change I had to determine how committed I was in working and staying committed to the process. In the beginning I wasn’t really committed and didn’t have to discipline necessary to help me achieve my goal. Once I reevaluated my my level of commitment and decided to get really serious, I then was able to stay committed to the process.

Change takes time. In order to see the results you desire you have to be committed to the process. The process is really the most important part because it’s growing and teaching you the most. If you could just stay committed to the process the results will come. I have come so far in my fitness journey but if it wasn’t for the process and my decision to stay committed I would have never seen the results that I am experiencing today. As I look back over my progress I realize that these were the things that helped me stay committed to the process:

1. Making a decision to truly commit

Once I decided the I was serious about change I made a commitment to following through. When you are truly committed to something you don’t give up when things get hard, you figure out a way to keep moving forward. This health journey has been easy but I am truly committed to continually moving forward every day by being intentional about what I eat and keep my exercise routine in place.

2. Taking action everyday

Everyday I take action towardsΩ my goals by doing whats required to keep me on track. Working my exercise plan, drinking water, eating healthy meals and planning what I do within my day. Taking time to determine the actions that are required for you to stay committed to the process will help you to better commit to taking action.

3. Reflect/ Measure your progress 

Reflect and measure the progress you are making. When I reflected on the fact that I wasn’t making progress in the beginning I knew there where things I needed to change. Reflections helps you to recognize where you are in the process. 

4. Adjust accordingly to discover what worked

Once I reflected on the changes I needed to make I took time to adjust accordingly by getting a workout plan and planning out my meals. Don’t be afraid to switch things up until you find what works for you. 

Staying committed to the process is what will ensure that you reach your goals. It’s not always easy and you often times have to give yourself grace through the process. During the process you will make a lot of mistakes and often times fall short but always strive to make progress and not allow perfection to be your focus. Don’t give up because you don’t yet see the fruit of your hard work yet. Take time to adjust and discover what’s needed in order to get you on track to reaching your goals. Thanks for reading, I hope this encourages you to keep pushing forward.

What’s a dream or goal that you are currently working towards? How are you enjoying the process? What has been your biggest challenge with the process? Comment below I would love to hear your story. 


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