Embrace The Shift! It’s A New Season

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

-James Baldwin

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you felt like you were on the verge of something new? You feel the momentum and excitement for the new season and you sense something bigger is near? Or maybe you know that something new and different is approaching. How do you shift gears so that you will be ready to embrace all that God has for you in the new season? How do you shift so that you don’t carry many of the old habits into the new season?

Every season of life is different and often requires change. Have you ever been attached to an old piece of clothing that you have worn for years? When you first brought it you loved it and it was the perfect fit. Over the years it developed the wear and tear that comes with time and maybe you may have even outgrown it or it no longer fits the same. Do you continue to keep the piece of clothing or do you find something new the fits and that works for the season? Life is a lot like that, when seasons change we have to learn to embrace what the season requires. Change doesn’t always come easy but if we give ourselves the grace and opportunity to grow into it, we will find that it really is the best thing for us.  

Life is seasonal. There are seasons that we really enjoy and some seasons that we can’t wait to see end. Each season is so important and critical in it’s own unique way. If we think about the natural seasons we encounter such as winter, spring, summer and fall we can have a greater understanding of the transformation it brings to the world around us. Just as each natural season brings some type of transformation so it is with the seasons we experience in our personal lives.

Each season of our lives carry such an important lesson yet we don’t always yield to the transformation it brings. Often times because it doesn’t come in the way or form we expect it too. Or sometimes we are so focused on what’s ahead or what has happened in the past that we lose sight of the season that we are currently in.

Think about the season of life that you are currently in whether you are in school, working towards a career, stay at home mom, growing your own business, etc.  How are you growing, in your current season? What is this season challenging  you to change? What are the lessons this season is teaching you? Sometimes we don’t realize that the season we are currently in, is a season that we will never get to experience again. So why not take the opportunity to learn and experience all we can in this season and give ourselves room to make mistakes and grow.

Imagine how different our lives could be if we really leaned in and sought to understand the lesson that each season could bring. Its not always easy to embrace each season because, sometimes we don’t feel ready, and not all seasons are comfortable. But, if we really took the time to embrace each season and most importantly our current season imagine how much more prepared we would be for that things come.

This summer has been a season I have had to prepare for. So much of my routine and everyday schedule has changed now that the kids are out of school. I had to prepare myself to be open and flexible because so much of what I was use to doing has changed now that my kids are home with me for the summer. The beginning was hard because of having to develop a new routine and find what works. Seeking God’s wisdom and direction and getting ideas for this new season has helped me tremendously. I realize this summer season and the time I am spending at home with my girls is preparation for the next school year that will start soon. I’m challenging myself to enjoy more of the moments, have fun and teach them as much as I can so that they will be prepared for what’s next. I am learning so much through everyday life and parenting in this season. .

I believe that each season serves its own important purpose in our lives and as we embrace each season it will prepare us for the seasons that are ahead.

How do we embrace the shift for a new season? These are some things that I have learned:

1. Be open and flexible with change

Always be open to change and flexible with changing in each season. It’s easy to get comfortable and think we can carry the same habits and actions in each season but some seasons requires us to adjust. We may not be able to do the same things we did in a previous season or serve at the same capacity as the pervious season. When we remain open minded and flexible with change in each season it helps things to flow smoothly.

2. Take time to seek direction and meaning in the season 

Seek God’s wisdom for each season of life. What things are happening in the season? What things do you want to accomplish? What is this season and the things you are doing leading you too? For example if I am in school I know what I need to do, and what the season requires in order for me to succeed. I understand the I have to stay focused, plan things out and do the work in order to be successful in the season. It’s the same with the season you are in. Take time to discover what you need and where you want to go. 

3. Understand that change for the better is preparation

As we are constantly shifting and changing for the better in each season we should understand that the changes we are making is preparation for something greater. The changes that we make through each season of our lives is not without purpose. Each season of life requires something different and as we grow and adapt through each season we began to realize that the changes that we make in each season sets the tone for the next.

Every season of life requires different parts of us to change. Just as the weather changes and we adapt by changing our clothes so that we can be comfortable in that season, it’s the same with life. There will be seasons that requires us to change our attitude, perspective, habits, etc as we are open minded and flexible, seeking direction  and understanding that change is preparation this will help us to be able to shift and thrive in each season.

I just want to encourage you to embrace the shift in this season. What are you getting out of this season of your life? How can you make an impact where you are now? Remember each season of your life is so important and valuable, embrace where you are now so that you can be better prepared for the future.

Thanks for reading! What is something that you are learning in this season of your life? Comment below I would love to hear your story. 


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