Make Things Happen

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Take action! An inch of movement  will bring you closer to your goal than a mile of intention.”- Dr. Steve Maraboli

We can either choose to sit back and allow life to happen to us, or we can happen to life. There is power in taking charge. Sometimes we can get stuck in the habit of waiting for life to change but nothing will happen unless we put in the work to make changes. The process may not be easy and we won’t understand everything but as we put in the work we will begin to see our desired results.

“Be fearless, have a vision and always hustle.”

Making things happen takes a lot of action on our part, we can talk,  plan and dream about what we want to see but at some point we have to get out and make it happen. Actions always speak louder than words, because taking action is what produces results.

How do we make things happen:

1. Create a vision

In order to go somewhere you have to know where your going. Write down what you want to see and make a plan of how you will reach the goal. The vision should be something that excites you, because it will motivate you to keep going.

2. Start somewhere

Starting plays a huge part in helping you reach your goals. We’ve all had times where we constantly planned and wanted to start something but never started. If you never start you’ll never know how far you can go. Your starting point doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to know all the steps to take. Just starting will help you realize the opportunities that are ahead.

3. Stay consistent

Consistency  is huge! People wont always believe what you say but they will believe what you do. Consistent actions overtime produces successful results. In order to make things happen you must stay consistent and follow through.

I just want to encourage you to move forward. Don’t allow yourself to sit and wait for things to happen, get out and make things happen. Get a vision, start somewhere and stay consistent. Everyday is an opportunity to move closer to your goal. Don’t miss it!

Thanks for reading!

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