Big changes starts with small steps

Curtshandra J. Duplechain

“If you concentrate on small, manageable steps you can cross unimaginable distances.”

-Shaun Hick

Have you ever wanted to make a change but felt discouraged by the time it would take to see results? Sometimes looking at the big picture of a goal can make things feel overwhelming, but small steps leads to great changes overtime. What if everyday you asked yourself, “What small thing can I do today to help me reach my goal?” As you reflect on that question and discover an answer, what if you broke the results down into small manageable steps. What would happen if you woke up and did the same thing every day? Imagine how much closer you would be to your goal. It’s the small steps taken each day that makes what seems impossible, possible.

Little intentional steps can truly make a difference. I remember when I first started my personal growth journey I made it my goal each day to engage in some type of learning. This learning consisted of reading some pages of a selected book each day, listening to a podcast or engaging in a lesson from my personal growth class that I was taking at the time. Every day I made it a goal to engage in one of those activities for an hour. After a week I didn’t notice a huge difference but I was learning some new things. After a few months I noticed a huge difference I wasn’t just growing, I was also taking action and stepping out to do the things that had been in my heart all along. I felt empowered, motivated, encouraged and inspired. Out of that habit and routine came the birth of my personal growth blog and brand which is dedicated to encouraging others to continually grow. 

You never know how taking those small daily steps will change your life for the better. The process is what teaches you so much and changes you for the better. Everyday I made it my goal to learn something. I was no longer in college where work is required of me, so I made it my goal to create a growth environment. Everyday I woke up I asked myself what could help me reach my goal of learning each day. As I decided what activity I wanted to do I made time in my schedule to complete the goal each day. Because I was willing to show up and work towards the goal I was able to see amazing results. This showed me that what you do everyday is so important, because your everyday habits are building the future you will be living. 

I have made so much progress over the years because of my willingness to grow and just show and do the thing I said I would. There is so much power in showing up and trying. This doesn’t mean that the everyday process will be perfect. There are moments and times that I missed because of daily life happening but I made it my goal to show up the next day. Continually showing up truly changes things for the better. 

These are some things I have learned about taking small steps

1.) Small steps create results

If you are consistent with a positive habit it will create a positive impact overtime and change your life for the better.

2.) Small steps keep you on track

The small steps you take each day is what will keep you on track to reaching your goal. Remember it’s a process and you have to work the process in order to get to the goal.

3.) Small steps keeps you hopeful and encouraged

When you look back and reflect on how far you’ve come it will encourage you to keep going. The small steps are what keeps you encourage because they help you see and understand the progress you are making

I want to encourage you to keep showing up and working towards your goals. Discover the small steps you can take each day to get closer to your goal. Remember that what you do everyday builds overtime. If you want to see results keep showing up everyday and one day you’ll look up and be at the place you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t give up! Your future is depending on you. You’ve have come so far. Remember why you started, believe in yourself and take small steps everyday. Thank you so much for reading. 

What small steps are you taking to reach your goals? How has taking small steps encouraged you in the past? Comment below would love to hear your thoughts.

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