Life Goals: Celebrate your victories and keep pushing forward to greater heights

Curtshandra J. Duplechain

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”

-Napoleon Hill

Have you ever reached a goal that took you a lot of blood, sweat and tears to reach? Not literally but figuratively. You continued to show up and put in the work and what you’ve been working towards has finally come. Take a moment to pause and give yourself a pat on the back. “Celebrate your small wins. Only you know how much it means to come that far.” There is so much joy that comes from reaching a goal and taking a moment to celebrate and reflect on it. It reminds you of what’s possible if you keep working at the goal everyday and it also gives you hope to reach greater heights.

On last week I celebrated reaching my fitness goal for the year. I made a goal in January of losing twenty six pounds and reaching my goal weight of one hundred thirty five pounds. It was a long process but I am so glad I did’t give up. There were definitely times where I wanted to give up because the process felt impossible. I had to remind myself that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Great things take time. Looking back, this statement is so true because often the temptation is to want to see instant results but life doesn’t work that way. I have learned that if I continued to work at the goal everyday I would eventually reach it and I did.

The things I did everyday was paving the way for me to be able to reach my goal. Working out five days a week, eating a healthy diet, drinking enough water and getting the rest when needed. I learned to build a routine around the goal I wanted to accomplish. There were times in my journey where I reached a plaute and it was discouraging. I have learned that when you face a road block it important to stop and make adjustments and changes to help you overcome those challenges. This hasn’t been an easy journey but it has been so worth it.

When I reached my goal I took the time to reflect and celebrate. I was really so excited that I actually surpassed my goal. I celebrated along with my husband and his recently accomplishment with a PCA award in finance. We went on a trip to Puerto Rico. On our second day of the trip I took some time to myself and just enjoyed the beach and even did some yoga to celebrate my accomplishment. The day was filled with trying new things which is something I really enjoy doing and was my way of celebrating myself. As I reflected on reaching this goal it was a reminder that even the things that seem impossible may actually be possible if you take the time everyday to work on it.

Now that I have taken the time to celebrate and reflect on my goal I am determined to plan out and set myself up to reach my next goal which means so much to me. My next goal is so important to me and the “why,” behind my goal is my oldest daughter. My oldest daughter who was diagnosed with INAD in September of last year and has completely lost her ability to walk without assistance from a gait trainer. So lifting her everyday has not been an easy task for me. I know that she will only get bigger so I have to get stronger. My hopes is that me working towards my goal would encourage her to keep pushing and getting stronger and one my prayer is that she will completely be healed. My next goal is to be able to do ten pull ups. My upper body strength is not very strong right now but it will be soon as I work toward this goal to be completely by March 1st. Right now I can almost do one pull up, so I have a long way to go.

I am so determined to keep pushing forward towards greater heights. It’s the small goals that set you up to one day be able to accomplish your dreams. When you have a dream you need little goals along the way to keep you moving forward toward your dreams even if your goals are different from the big picture dream. It’s really about who you become in the process and the character that’s developed in the process. If I have a dream of building an orphanage, and I am working towards a fitness goal it doesn’t really connect or make sense in the short term but if you think about how the goal is building discipline, persistence, courage, health and so much more you’ll understand that it’s helping you develop what’s needed to get you to become the person who can accomplish your dream.

These are some things I have learned about the importance of celebrating your victories and pushing forward to greater heights:

1.) It give you hope for the future

Taking time to reflect and celebrate your victories is a way too keep yourself encouraged and give you hope for what’s to come.

2.) It builds momentum

When you experience the joy and satisfaction of reaching a goal it makes you so excited about life. This helps build momentum because you feel more optimism and empowered to do what’s in your heart.

3.) It helps you to see what possible if you keep working

Celebrating and reflecting on your victories helps you to understand what’s possible if you keep showing up and putting in the work. It changes your perspective on making the impossible, possible.

I just want to take the time to encourage you to keep pushing forward and working towards your goals. Don’t give up on yourself. Take time to pause and celebrate your small wins because small wins add up. Keep showing up and putting in the work. One day you’ll be at the place you’ve always wanted to be. Thank you for reading.

What’s a small win you have recently celebrated? How do you celebrate your small wins? Comment below. I would love to chat.

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