You’ll Never Know If You Never Try

Curtshandra J. Duplechain
On top of Mount Scott

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”


“You’ll never know if you never try.” I remember growing up my mom would always tell me that statement. Every time I felt afraid I would always think back to her saying that phrase. It’s that very phrase that truly changed my perspective on trying new things, even when I felt afraid. It’s so true that you never know what could happen if you never try. I have realized that fear was often what was holding me back from trying new things. My imagination of how a situation would unfold kept me hesitant to move forward with anything out of the ordinary. But, one thing I have realized is that fear will keep you from truly experiencing life if you don’t learn to face it head on and do it anyway.

This has been a year where I have pushed myself to face my fears. I set goals that helped to push me outside of my comfort zone. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to visit five new states. Another goal was to lose twenty six pounds, and reach my goal weight of 135lbs. I started my fitness journey on last year and I failed big time, but this year I got it right. It was that failing and learning that taught me how to push myself harder and fight for the things I wanted. I reached my weight loss goal a few weeks ago but the process is really what changed me the most. It taught me the importance of discipline, consistency, and persistence. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone because there were so many new things I had to learn and try. I learned how to eat right, exercise properly, develop a routine and so many other things that I wasn’t use to. I changed everything! Change can be scary because you never know what can happen in the process or sometimes you’re afraid to fail again. But you have to have a willingness to try and keep trying if you want to succeed.

My travel goal for this year was a goal I didn’t think I would actually get close to because of the pandemic but I am now only one state away. I have always dreamed of traveling the world but would have never imagined that this would be the year that I have traveled more in one year than I have in my entire life. There is truly power in setting goals and writing things out. I am learning through this that I can create the things that I desire to see for my life with Gods help and grace through the process. Praying, believing God for great things, planning, and writing things down truly makes a difference. I make it my goal everyday to work towards my goals, and always keep what I desire in the front of me. My life and the process has not been perfect but I am learning and always growing and striving to get better. Through stepping out and traveling a lot this year I have developed a fear of flying on airplanes. The last time I flew in an airplane was over ten years ago so I don’t really remember my first experience.

On my trip to Tennessee I had a bad experience with turbulence on an airplane and it was the worst I have ever experienced. I shared more in detail on a previous blog post, but it was so bad that people were screaming. I literally thought I was going to die. That experienced shaped my whole perspective on flying. Now every time I get on an airplane I see it through that experience, so my anxiety goes through the roof. It’s crazy how one bad experience can change your whole view of something that’s meant to be so beautiful. It has a way of crippling you from truly experiencing and living life if you let it. Instead of allowing the fear from that experience to keep me limited I have been challenging myself to face those fears. I’ve gotten back on an airplane five times since that experience. It’s not always easy to face and I often have to pray through it but at least I am not allowing the fear to hold me back. It’s helping me to trust God in a new way, knowing and acknowledging that He is my protecter. Fear can truly change you if you let it but there is always something great on the other side of that fear.

These are some reasons why you should always try despite fear:

1.) Trying gives you the opportunity to practice being brave

The more you practice trying the more it helps you to gain the courage to try again. In order to get better at something you have to practice.

2.) Trying gives you the chance to succeed

You never know what will happen if you never try and keep trying. Trying gives you the opportunity to learn, grow and get better.

3.) Trying changes you for the better

The more you try the more you develop within. As you are trying you are developing patience, persistence, endurance, and all the things you need to help you succeed.

I just want to encourage you to step out and do the things that are in your heart. Don’t allow the fear you feel to limit your greatness. God has given you gifts that He desires you to use. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Try and keep on trying until you get what you desire. Trying, failing and learning are all parts of the process to help grow you into the person that can accomplish the goal. Set goals for your life, believe in yourself and work on those goals everyday. This has changed my life and I know it can change yours too. Keep pushing forward and fighting for your dreams, you never know what can happen if you never try and keep trying. Thank you for reading! If this encouraged you let me know in the comments below.


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