Rise Above It! Don’t Drown.-How to Handle Stress In This Season

Photo by Inzmam Khan on Pexels.com "Our reaction to the situation literally has the power to change the situation itself." -unknown Have you ever felt at your wit's end? Like life is constantly going and you're hanging on by a thread? What do you do to move yourself forward? How do you rise above the … Continue reading Rise Above It! Don’t Drown.-How to Handle Stress In This Season


The Courage To Start Over

  “You don’t need a new day to start over, all you need is a new mindset.” There is nothing like being able to have a fresh start. Having a fresh start brings excitement and gives you hope and expectation that things will be better this time around. Sometimes you may feel like you have … Continue reading The Courage To Start Over

Embracing Your Now Season

“Every season is one of becoming, but not always one of blooming. Be gracious with your ever-evolving self.” — B. Oakman Life is seasonal. There are seasons that we really enjoy and some seasons of our lives that we can’t wait to see end. Each season is so important and critical in its own unique … Continue reading Embracing Your Now Season

Shifting With Each Season

  "Every next level of your life will demand a different you." Have you ever wondered what it really takes to get to the next level in your life? Will it require more energy and effort than what you are currently putting in? Will it require being uncomfortable for a certain period of time?  Every … Continue reading Shifting With Each Season