The Perfect Time To Take Action Is Now

Photo by cottonbro studio on "Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction."  -Harry Truman  One exciting thing about the New Year is the opportunity for a fresh start. When everything feels brand new, it's easier to be more optimistic about what's to come. So, why not use this excitement and momentum to go after … Continue reading The Perfect Time To Take Action Is Now

Celebrate The Small Steps Forward

Photo by Raquel Su00edlva on "You may not be where you want to be, but you can look back and be thankful you’re not where you use to be.” -Unknown "Progress is progress no matter how small." That's one thing I remind myself of daily because, it’s so easy to overlook the progress you’ve … Continue reading Celebrate The Small Steps Forward

Putting In The Work To Achieve Your Goals

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on "Just because the past didn't turn out like you wanted it o, doesn't mean the future can't be better than you ever imagined." -Unknown Have you ever taken a step back to allow yourself to dream about what you really want out of life? Think about how different your … Continue reading Putting In The Work To Achieve Your Goals

Enjoy The Journey

Photo by Ben Mack on "Take pride in how far you've come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don't forget to enjoy the journey." -Michael Josephson Have you ever accomplished a goal, got excited for a moment and then wondered what was next? It's so easy to be so forward focused … Continue reading Enjoy The Journey

Allow Yourself Room To Grow

Photo by Gratisography on "Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent." -Wendy Flynn Growth is exciting, hard and messy all at the same time. The beginning of a new start is exciting because you can imagine all the great possibilities that are ahead. It becomes hard when it's time … Continue reading Allow Yourself Room To Grow